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Field Gulls' Boldest

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This "Boldest Fan" and "Boldest Field Gulls Member" series has made me realize I've been remiss! I've been writing here for about six months now and have failed to thank you, the readers and members, for making this such a fun place to be. I have to say I honestly really love writing for Field Gulls, and interacting and rapping with you all has been really beneficial for me on many levels -- my writing, my analysis, and my football knowledge have all vastly improved, at least I hope so.

So anyway, in lieu of picking Field Gulls' boldest fan, which goes against site rules anyway, I want to run with the spirit of this sponsorship by honoring the fans of this blog. I also want to raise a big ole pint of Guinness to you and say 'cheers' for making this fun. You, the readers and commenters at Field Gulls, are why I, along with all the Field Gulls writers, put in the hours and effort to hopefully bring you entertaining and informative Seahawks and football coverage.

So I'll say it again: Cheers. Wherever you are right now, go find some alcohol, preferably Guinness with some Jameson and Bailey's dropped in for good measure, and take a swig. I'm ready to get drunk.

Now, Friday Night Open Thread time. What are you guys doing? I'm working!