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Seahawks Vs Falcons Tickets: Pick Your Price, Act Fast

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Seahawks tix
Seahawks tix

Just got this last minute tickets promotion for this week's Seahawks vs Falcons game so I wanted to throw it up here. If you act fast, you can name your price for tix to this week's game. Here's what's up:

Average price for Seahawks tickets are down 28% this week. Want to be part of the 12th man as Seahawks try to make it back-to-back wins over fellow flying foes? Thanks to TiqIQ's new "Pick Your Price" feature you can do just that. You can save over 50% on two 3-star tickets that normally go for $112ea. Make an offer of $60 and they're yours with no fees. So Pick Your Price and save on tickets to this weekend's matchup with the Falcons.

This offer ends on today at 9AM so act fast. Check it out here.

As always, check out how ticket prices are looking at Field Gulls' tickets page yo.