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Seattle Seahawks Sign Six to Practice Squad

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Six of the practice squad signings are now in. Remember, these guys can't play unless activated into the 53-man roster (in which case they automatically take a spot for three weeks), and mostly just let you keep their rights and practice with the players to see how they develop. Ideal for raw, talented players. You can stash a total of 8 players on the practice squad, so we'll see some more additions later. Hopefully Mark LeGree will be in later.

The list:

WR Ricardo Lockette

WR Owen Spencer

CB Josh Pinkard

DE/DT Maurice Fountain

DE/TE Jameson Konz

OG Brent Osborne

Lockette and Spencer are both tall (both 6'2) and athletic WRs that fit what Pete Carroll looks for in the wide receiver position. They were both with the team during this pre-season, Lockette for the entire preseason and Owen Spencer for the 4th game after he signed with the Titans earlier.

Josh Pinkard is a cornerback out of USC that joined us last year as an undrafted free agent, and spent the entire year on the practice squad. Pete is looking for him to take the role on the defense that Jordan Babineaux used to have, and perhaps with another year he'll get there.

Maurice Fountain is a 28-year old DT, an UDFA out of Clemson in 2005. He's played in the AF2 and the UFL, basically anywhere but the NFL, where has no professional snap. He's basically a 28-year old rookie. Still, he looked pretty good in flashes in the preseason.

Jameson Konz remains an athletic freak without a position. Maybe they liked some of the things he did at Leo end, as he's sticking around in the practice squad. Wouldn't have been possible under the old CBA with one year on IR, but it is now.

Brent Osborne is one of our UDFAs, out of Harvard. As Jacson mentioned back when we signed him, we don't know much about him, and I'm mildly surprised that out of all the UDFAs he's the one that stuck around, rather than - say - Zach Hurd.