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Seahawks News & Rumors: Pete Carroll Presser, James Carpenter, David Garrard, & More

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Pete Carroll had a press conference at noon and had some pretty interesting things to say, both about the Seahawks quarterback position, and James Carpenter's possible move from right tackle to left guard.

First, about Garrard, Pete Carroll didn't mince words when asked if there were any plans to make a change at QB:  "No, there wil be none." He added, "We are very set at QB. We wish him (Garrard) the best."

So, no go on Garrard. 

On James Carpenter's possible move to left guard, Pete mentioned"He's working in there (at left guard). He's at home on that side. We'll see what happens." Adding, "He's a left-handed, left sided guy." He did not commit to making that move, but indicated that it's a possibility. 

Carroll noted that he'd like to rotate Breno Giacomini into the offensive line for the Seahawks, and this could be alluding to a plan to use the former 5th round pick out of Louisville at right tackle. About Giacomini, Pete noted "It was clear that he had grown a lot. We liked him because he was a tough guy."

Lindy's scout Derek Stephens brought up some interesting points on his twitter account about James Carpenter, noting that "the college tape certainly projects Carpenter much better on left side. Left foot, slide step, punch, extension all more natural there." He opined, "As a lefty, at 5'9, 165lbs, I completely understand how much more natural it is to play on the left side of O-line than the right."

Seems very strange to me that they're thinking about making the move this early, but I wouldn't rule it out. Perhaps they just really like what they have with Breno Giacomini and want to see what Carpenter can do on the inside. Robert Gallery isn't a long-term fix at that spot so if Carpenter were a dominant left guard next to left tackle Russell Okung, that wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. It's all speculation at this point though. 

Also, per that press conference, it looks like Sidney Rice and Robert Gallery missed practice today, but have not been officially ruled out for Sunday. 

Open thread time - discuss!!

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