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The Essential Seahawks Quick Reference Guide

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Well, Davis has really outdone himself this time. After exhaustive research (with the help of the internets, Brian McIntyre, Liz Mathews, Evan Silva, and others), he's compiled a spreadsheet that contains the college, conference, draft year, draft round, first year in Seattle, original way Seattle acquired a player, free agency year, age, birthday, 2011 salary, 2011 cap, 2012 salary, 2013 salary, 2014 salary, signing bonus (which is pro-rated over number of years to calculate cap), and other "easy" bonuses like roster bonuses, workout bonuses, and the like (not PRO BOWL bonus) of every player on the Seahawks 53-man roster, as it stands today.

Within this nearly-all-encompassing spreadsheet you can glean some pretty interesting stuff:

The numbers aren't official - there are probably some bonuses and incentives not shown, some dead money, and thus the salary cap calculations are probably a little low on this sheet. It does, however, give you a pretty damn good look at (approximately - though most base contracts are checked) what each player is making, how long they are under the Seahawks control, when certain players might become cap casualties, and the positions the Seahawks will be targeting in the future.

It shows you where a lot of the Hawks' money is allocated - $30,641,125 in offensive 'starters', $35,316,542 in defensive 'starters'. It shows you how much the depth is making on each side of the ball, $16,984,440 on offense, $6,922,569 on defense.

If you're not interested in that kind of thing, these spreadsheets give you a quick reference guide on, again, player number, college, how they were acquired, where they were drafted, and anything else you'd need to know as a casual observer. Overall, just a handy little spreadsheet on your 2011 Seattle Seahawks.

As Davis would put it, these spreadsheets are illmatic. Have a look, download at your leisure.

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