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The Official FieldGulls Fantasy Football Weekly Thread.

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Opening Weekend Edition.

Here at Field Gulls we’ve had discussions on just about every aspect of football, including having discussions about when we can or should have discussions about Fantasy.  Well, this IS the place.  You can, if you must, add fantasy talk in additional game threads, but be warned, someone may be watching, and they may be mocking.  Here, you have free rein to talk your team’s reign or your rain of injuries.

Something to note, and this should be a true football fan’s golden ticket when it comes to heaven and hell and the voiding of the warranty on your soul. 

The first rule of Fantasy Football, you do NOT root for players against the Seahawks.

The second rule of Fantasy Football, you do NOT root for players against the Seahawks.

On this site, for sake of your own health, NEVER cheer against the Seahawks due to your fantasy roster.  My personal rule is to avoid as much as possible acquiring division rivals, or to avoid playing them against the Seahawks if reasonably possible.  Statements like, "Well, at least I have Larry Fitzgerald on my fantasy team" (if) he was scorching the Hawks will unleash the hounds of hell upon you.  Please don’t be that one bastard playing the "Don’t Come" line at the craps table.  Not only will you bring bad mojo to everybody, but you’ll likely get verbally harassed, if not banned.  You’re a Seahawk fan, you aren’t "that guy" you are one of OUR guys—act like it!

"I wonder if marriage is sometimes like a fantasy football draft? You go in hopeful, excited, confident & then reality triangle chokes you into submission. On that note, Fantasy football is why I may never get married. I can't even pick a decent running back. How the hell am I supposed to pick a wife? This is going to be a long season."  --Chesty Kemper

My buddy Chesty is an amazingly funny individual.  Search him out on twitter or facebook and prepare to be entertained.  Chesty has certain… insights… into the human psyche.  Think Louis CK meets Richard Lewis, but with shakier mental health. 

I kid.  Kinda.

Anyway, here is our first official Field Gulls Fantasy Football thread.  How did I get this job?  Well, I’m single first off.  I can’t imagine a married individual actually staying married while playing in as many fantasy leagues as I am.  I have my yearly keeper league, a $200 yearly plus $5 per FA signing, 15 yearly freezes, 45 man roster, salary cap, 3 year contracts, escalations, a FA auction and draft every year, 7 IDP’s (2 DL, 2 LB, 2DB, 1 Flex).  Hell, we even have punters in that league.

Obviously there are also the usual array of mixed 3 keeper leagues, yearly redraft’s, yadda yadda.  And my first WEEKLY redraft league.  That folks, is addiction.  A buy-in here, a buy in there, and suddenly I'm out around 500 bucks pre-FA signings.  Somewhere along the line, and with no connection to WSU, I became everyone’s "Go to Guy" on fantasy.  People call, text, fb me.  Can’t win in my own leagues, but I drafted for two friends who did win theirs.  I’m such a diehard, I even have Rapistburger on a team.  Am I proud of that fact?  No.  But I did wait until round 8 to grab him, of that fact I’m quite pleased.  Wont even hurt my team if he falls and breaks his empty soulless neck. 

I still slap myself for not signing Arian Foster the last week of the season… two years ago.  I knew what was going to happen too.  Damn hindsight.

Am I the End-All-Be-All?  Maybe not, but if Jeff Reed can put on Seahawk colors, even for a preseason New York minute, then I can give at best solid advice and at worst a place to search for better advice.


Tips and Advice- Week 1

Well, it’s early in the week and we’ve got a first game coming up shortly.  If you’ve got to lock your lineup in now, you’ve likely got some tough decisions. 

If you took Peyton Manning in the 1st round, well, you better hope to GOD you can find a couple good "upside guys" on the waiver wire.  And in the meanwhile, console yourself.  Next year might just be YOUR YEAR, MAN!  You’re like, totally due.  Next year.  Peyton’s such a class act, neither he nor his fantasy owners deserve this blow. 

Shoulda been you, Rapistburger.

Arian Foster owners are wondering what the hell they’re going to do this week.  My suggestion—if you have other tolerable options, sit him.  He’s been gimped up all pre-season, Indy is without Peyton, and if Houston jumps out early, expect Arian to sit as Derrick Ward slowly loses his backup role to last year’s injured high talent draft pick, Ben Tate.  Speaking of Ben Tate, if he’s still on your waiver wire, gobble him up.  Houston runs that Denver ZBS that allows for "plug and play" success by RB’s.  This is why you may still remember the names Tatum Bell, Rubin Droughns, Mike Anderson, and Orlandis Gary.

The two best sleeper hopes to fantasy reach payoff this year are probably Ben Tate and Roy Helu over at Washington, in that same offense.  The other two RB’s I’m a buyer on are Delonte Carter at Indy and Montario Hardesty in Cleveland.  I know, Hillis had 1700 yards last year.  But he was the Madden cover.  This is science.  Delonte fits the bill that Joseph Addai doesn’t.  A workhorse back for a team with QB issues.  Indy just became that team.

That’s it for now.  Discuss below.