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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Friday

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SEATTLE - SEPTEMBER 02:  Quarterback Charlie Whitehurst #6 of the Seattle Seahawks rushes against the Oakland Raiders at CenturyLink Field on September 2, 2011 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
SEATTLE - SEPTEMBER 02: Quarterback Charlie Whitehurst #6 of the Seattle Seahawks rushes against the Oakland Raiders at CenturyLink Field on September 2, 2011 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
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Seattle Seahawks news, rumors, links, info, interviews, analysis, and more!

The Brewery | Pete Carroll and the complementary quarterback | Seattle Times Newspaper - Consider this post an extension of today's column, which focuses on Seahawks coach Pete Carroll's wish to make the quarterback a complementary role in the offense. It's an interesting subject mostly because of the misperceptions that are attached to the term "game manager." Many times, when a coach refers to a game manager, it's code for "Don't mess up this game because we have a really awesome defense, and we only need to win, like, 13-10." In Carroll's case, he means that he wants the quarterback to play well, but he doesn't want him to carry too much of the load and make unnecessary mistakes because of he's trying to do too much.

Check out this piece from late last month by Scott Enyeart on, which should be on the must-read list of every Seahawks fan. It's a wonderful site for a smart take on the Hawks that's a little different from the norm. In this story, Scott breaks down what Carroll means when he says he wants a game manager at QB. He beat me to the punch with his analysis, and I told him so on Twitter, and then came the challenge to see if I could also add something to the conversation. That's, essentially, how my column came to be.

Jerry Brewer | Pete Carroll's science project: The role-playing quarterback | Seattle Times Newspaper - In general, there are two accepted ways to build a football team. 1. Find a stud quarterback, make him the heart of your team, and give him complementary weapons. 2. The wrong way. Good quarterback = good team. Bad quarterback = bad team. For sure, it's not that simple, but it's not calculus, either. If you know what you're doing, you can always build a solid team if you have the right QB. news: Carroll's Seahawks feature just 10 players from 2009 roster - In just two seasons, Pete Carroll has redefined NFL shelf life, at least when it comes to the Seattle Seahawks. When the Seahawks take the field Sunday for their season opener at San Francisco, they will feature just 10 players on the active roster from two seasons ago. Seattle's roster shuffle has included another 24 new additions since the team won the 2010 NFC West title, albeit with just a 7-9 record, in Carroll's first season back in the NFL. "If you got here last year, you're used to it -- if you got here last year and are still here. You kind of get used to it," said Seahawks wide receiver Mike Williams, one of the additions who came on board in Carroll's first season. "The guys that come in and make an impact, they stick. I can't speak on anybody's situation and why things work out the way they do, but you're just fortunate you're one of the guys to make it and then you circle the wagons around the guys that are here and move forward."

Clemons tweaks ankle; Rice and Gallery still out | Seahawks Insider - Also, defensive end Chris Clemons injured his ankle during a walk-through before practice in the team's indoor facility, and did not practice with Seattle this afternoon, according to defensive coordinator Gus Bradley. Clemons had surgery on that same ankle during the offseason. "He just tweaked his ankle a little bit in walk-through if you can believe that," Bradley said. "So he got treatment, and we just wanted to make sure he got enough treatment for it."

What's the deal with Harbaugh? - Blog - - Head coaches Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh spoke at the owners' meeting this offseason, although the two are hardly friends. The conversation consisted of football and the transition to the NFL. "I like him, I like being around him," Harbaugh said of Carroll during his conference call on Wednesday. "We don’t socialize. You wouldn’t call us friends or anything like that but I got to say that really, the only friend I have in the NFL is my brother who’s on an opposing team. We’re trying to beat those guys, you know."

Cuts, Waivers, and the 53. | The Matchups Zone - "Coach needs to see you—-and you’ll need to bring your playbook." If you are a professional football player that is the sentence you work, sacrifice, and fight like hell to avoid hearing. Anyone who is meet with those words is about to be fired. That means that the numbers aren’t working; that there is not enough room. It might be because the player did not perform well (more on that later) or because the system is not a great fit. But regardless of the specific reason, I cannot imagine how badly that sentence stings. It comes down to math and the math is frightening.  Over past weekend all 32 NFL teams were required to trim their rosters to 53 players.  With no adjustments that is more than 700 guys looking for work.  Some players will find work, picked up by other teams who have a specific need, but many won’t.  Making the final roster of any NFL team is about pressure, performance, and attrition. The pressure this year was even more significant due to the lockout and the lack of OTAs and mini-camps.  Draft picks struggled (e.g., rookie members of Seattle’s O-Line) and as is usually the case, defenses around the league experienced unit cohesion much quicker than offenses. - Sports: Matt Hasselbeck: A second chance - He grew up in a privileged household, the oldest son of a former NFL player, and yet by the time Matt Hasselbeck arrived in Seattle in 2001 he was not used to having things handed to him on a silver platter. So it took a little getting used to when Seahawks head coach Mike Holmgren traded two draft picks for Hasselbeck and immediately anointed him as the starting quarterback. Hasselbeck had never started a game at the NFL level. He was not invited to the scouting combine after his senior year at Boston College, and he didn't hear his name called until the sixth round of the 1998 NFL draft. Even while at BC, he had butted heads with head coach Dan Henning before eventually earning the starting job.

Thiel: Carroll, Harbaugh seek to find out the deal | Seattle Seahawks - In the over-bleached, freeze-dried, hermetically-sealed, wash-your-hands-every-two-minutes NFL, it is rare to find an old-fashioned public stink-up between coaches. After Jim Harbaugh in January left his successful tenure at Stanford – where his Cardinal team in 2009 splattered Pete Carroll’s USC team 55-21 — to become coach of the San Francisco 49ers,  NFL fans hoped that as the two became pro rivals, they would leave their teams behind and simply commence to slobberknocking each other at the 50-yard line.

Seahawks Blog | Action, Jackson: Tarvaris to begin new era at quarterback | Seattle Times Newspaper - Seattle's regular-season opener would be most memorable because of who wasn't starting at quarterback as opposed to who was. I was wrong. Blog | The day in pictures "

Seahawks dancing O-line shuffle again | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune - The Seattle Seahawks could not make it through the first week of the regular season without making changes to the starting offensive line heading into Sunday’s opener at San Francisco. What seemed like dabbling on Monday became more solidified on Wednesday, when rookie James Carpenter took most of his repetitions with the first unit at left guard for a second day in place of an injured Robert Gallery.

Seahawks | Coaches say 'What's your deal?' was no big deal | Seattle Times Newspaper - What's your deal? That's what Pete Carroll asked Jim Harbaugh when the coaches met near midfield after a blowout loss two years ago. That's exactly how Harbaugh responded, repeating the question after Stanford's victory over Carroll's USC Trojans.

Seahawks | Seahawks two-deep roster | Seattle Times Newspaper - Of the 10 linemen Seattle will carry into this season, only one was with the team before coach Pete Carroll arrived: center Max Unger. The Seahawks are significantly bigger this season as left guard Robert Gallery and rookies John Moffitt and James Carpenter all weigh 319 pounds or more. But will the Seahawks be better?

Seahawks | The results from the Seahawks' offensive line overhaul are yet to be seen | Seattle Times Newspaper - It could get worse before it gets better. That became evident when the Seahawks offensive line performed more like a speed bump than a wall during the exhibition games, leaving quarterback Tarvaris Jackson in danger of becoming a pocket piñata.

Seahawks | Seahawks are looking for a leader to step up on defense | Seattle Times Newspaper - "We all we got," shouted Lawyer Milloy. "We all we need," his teammates responded.

Jerry Brewer | Don't expect a good first impression from this Seahawks offense | Seattle Times Newspaper - For the Seahawks, more so than any team in the NFL, this season presents a dilemma of attrition between necessary change and truncated preparation time. They've made some moves, most of which were appropriate, that should better their future. But in the short term, they could suffer because of their tweaking. There are fluid situations, and then there are dam breaks, and let's just say the Seahawks are a couple of rainy days away from disaster. This is especially true on offense, where the lockout and condensed preseason time might crumple a unit that looks quite talented on paper.

Steve Kelley | Seahawks keep rebuilding in second year of the Pete Carroll-John Schneider era | Seattle Times Newspaper - Rebuilding is anathema to these Seahawks. In the always-compete, earn-everything, win-now world of coach Pete Carroll, rebuilding is a form of concession. You can't be all-in, if you're looking into the future. Time is something to be conquered. The future is now. In Carroll's world, if your offensive guard isn't making plays, you cut him and bring in another one. If your running back fumbles, you change running backs. The right parts are out there. It's just a matter of finding them.

Seahawks | A closer look at the Seahawks | Seattle Times Newspaper - Four things the Seahawks have changed 1. Quarterback: It has been 11 years since a quarterback other than Matt Hasselbeck started Week 1 for Seattle. That was Jon Kitna back in 2000, and the Seahawks were shutout 23-0 at Miami to begin that season. Is Tarvaris Jackson the heir to Hasselbeck's spot as the franchise quarterback? That will depend on how well Jackson plays.

Seahawks | James Carpenter could start at left guard | Seattle Times Newspaper - It's not a surprise that left guard Robert Gallery may not be ready for Seattle's season opener Sunday in San Francisco. Gallery's status has been a question since he left Friday's exhibition finale with a sprained knee. Neither he nor wide receiver Sidney Rice (shoulder) practiced Wednesday. The surprise is the news of who might step in at left guard should Gallery not be able to play: rookie James Carpenter.

17 Power, A Seattle Seahawks Blog: Personnel match ups, week 1 - How does Seattle Seattle stack up player to player and group to group? Can they win enough individual match ups to win this game? What might be the match ups that swing this game?

Seahawks | Stability at quarterback could be the key for the Rams | Seattle Times Newspaper - The NFC Worst. The worst division in NFL history. Those are just a sample of the labels and qualifiers that became part of the league-wide lexicon last season when the 7-9 Seahawks won the NFC West. The harsh words weren't baseless as no team had won a division title with a losing record since the 1971 NFL-AFL merger.

Seahawks | The brights, bridges and busts in Seahawks QB history | Seattle Times Newspaper - Brights There are only three quarterbacks in franchise history that have won more than 20 games as the Seahawks' starter. The three are the only ones to throw for more than 20,000 yards as Seahawks. Oddly, Seattle didn't draft any of them. Jim Zorn and Dave Krieg were undrafted coming out of college while Matt Hasselbeck, who led them to Super Bowl XL, was a sixth-round pick of the Green Bay Packers in 1998 and acquired by Seattle in a trade in 2001.

Whitner passionately tackles subject of Lynch's famous run : Niner Insider - Marshawn Lynch's 67-yard wild-card gallop through the Saints last season is viewed as one of the greatest runs in NFL history. Niners safety Donte Whitner, however, views the Seattle running back's instant classic through a different lens. When asked about Lynch's run Tuesday in advance of Sunday's season opener against the Seahawks, Whitner all but plugged his nose.

Linebacker Hill ready to redeem himself with Seahawks " Kitsap Sun - Plenty has been written about Leroy Hill over the past two years. Little of it has been good, or had much to do with his ability to play football. Now, with the 2011 season days away, Hill is ready to change all of that, ready to remind people just how talented of a linebacker he can be now that the most difficult two-year period of his life is behind him. And Hill wants to be clear on that — the trouble is behind him.

Seahawks Notebook: Former CFL All-Star Browner earns starting spot " Kitsap Sun - Coming into the 2011 season, it was clear that cornerback was a position of need for Seattle, and it was expected that head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider would look to upgrade there. So in the search for a starting corner, free agency seemed like a likely option, as did the draft. Or even an existing player such as Walter Thurmond, a fourth-round pick last year. But the roster of the Calgary Stampeders? Let's just say that wasn't where most people would look for a starter.

Seahawks | Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson knows all about second opportunities | Seattle Times Newspaper - The last time Tarvaris Jackson had a second chance, he was in a Ford Expedition driving 10 hours from Arkansas back home to Alabama. That was December 2002, when Jackson left the Razorbacks and the SEC after his redshirt freshman season to enroll at Alabama State, the Division I-AA school in his hometown of Montgomery, Ala.

NFL Odds Week 1: Seahawks Vs. 49ers - - The San Francisco 49ers open the NFL season as heavy favorites over Pete Carroll's Seattle Seahawks in their Week 1 divisional battle.

Seahawks | The Seahawks full of new, mostly young faces on offense | Seattle Times Newspaper - NFL teams don't change overnight. Sometimes it takes a whole week.

It's Packers-Saints On Thursday Night Football, And Reason To Preview The 2011 Season - - The Green Bay Packers begin their Super Bowl defense against the New Orleans Saints in Green Bay on Thursday night, and what better way to celebrate than with a preview of the NFL in 2011.

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