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Seahawks Week in Review

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Because a lot happens in a week! In case life got crazy and you missed out on a day or two around here, or just want to go back and revisit some of the great articles up at the site lately, here are some of the highlights...

Jacson talked to a free-agent Seahawk.

"I'm A Seahawk, Man": - Field Gulls
"I'm a Seahawk, man. That's where my focus is" -- An interview with Marcus Trufant.

We did some analysis...

2011 Seattle Seahawks Season Review: Fun With Stats - Field Gulls
Let's take a minute to look at some stats that Chad Davis of DraftBreakdown collected from the NFLGSIS in lieu of his normal formations tracking for each week, and ponder what they may mean.

The Seattle Seahawks 2011 Season: A Look Back at the Offense - Field Gulls
A look back at the big picture.

Seattle Seahawks: Pete Carroll and Bill Walsh, Rich Gannon, Joe Theismann, and the QB Situation - Field Gulls
Former NFL quarterback studs weigh in on the debate, and NFL legend Bill Walsh's experience provides an interesting perspective on developing quarterbacks; this could be invaluable to the Seahawks.

The Matt Hasselbeck to Darrell Jackson Touchdown Connection: A Look at Passing Successfully - Field Gulls
Tarvaris Jackson shouldn't be and is not the complete scapegoat.

Win Forever - A Guide to Carroll's Philosophy of Recruitment - Field Gulls
Welcome back to another installment of a short series of Fanposts that look at Pete Carroll's book Win Forever and the philosophy therein. The first two articles in the series can be found here and...

2012 NFL Draft: The Argument for Kellen Moore, Exhibit A - Field Gulls
Football is a demanding sport. There are plenty of sports that require such a balance, such a perfection of strength, size, speed, agility and stamina. But football forces an athlete to do all that...

Seattle Seahawks: Don't Be the Bucs Part 2. Say Goodbye to Yesterday. - Field Gulls
A lesson to be learned from the disastrous season of the Tampa Bay Bucs.

2012 NFL Draft, Scouting for the Seahawks: Talking Quarterbacks With Rob Staton - Field Gulls
For the purpose of discussion hit Rob up for his opinion on some things as they stand now, assuming things will change between now and Draft day with Free Agency, the Combine, and other factors coming into view.

Matt took a look at the Seahawks' issues with penalties this season...

The Seahawks 2011 Season: Penalty Review, Introduction - Field Gulls
The Seahawks commit penalties. Lots of them.

The Seahawks 2011 Season: Penalty Review, Week 1 - Field Gulls
Let's jump right in and get this first one over with. I'm not sure there's another game I'd rather see less than this one. Eww Niners.

The Seahawks 2011 Season: Penalty Review, Week 2 - Field Gulls
When I first told people that this was going to be my first offseason study, I was met with mixed reactions.

Ben started an excellent series on potential targets for the Seahawks in this year's Draft..

2012 NFL Draft: Potential OLB Targets for the Seahawks - Field Gulls
Identifying potential LEO and 3-tech targets was relatively straight forward. LEO prospects should be pass rush specialists in the mold of Chris Clemons and Dexter Davis. The 3-techs I'll highlight are mostly tall and rangy in the mold of Red Bryant and Alan Branch, except with a greater emphasis on penetration and rushing the passer. Identifying OLB prospects we might be interested in was much more challenging.

2012 NFL Draft: Potential LEO Targets for the Seahawks (Revisited) - Field Gulls
I hear it all the time, my fellow Hawk fans say "we should draft a stud pass rushing DE."

2012 NFL Draft: Potential MLB Targets for the Seahawks - Field Gulls
Here are my potential 5-tech, OLB, and LEO targets.

2012 NFL Draft: Potential 5-tech Targets for the Seahawks - Field Gulls
A look at some players that might fit in the Seahawks defensive system.

Charlie and Kenny started some really ambitious and awesome projects...

Seattle Seahawks: Re-Viewing the 2011 Season, Introduction - Field Gulls
It's time to start the look back at the 2011 season. Lets try to learn a lot about what we missed during the season, and figure out what comes next.

Kenny Watches All 256 NFL Games from 2011. Day One. - Field Gulls
What happens when one man watches every game from the NFL season? I guess we will find out.


NFL Discourse: The Rational, The Emotional, The Tim Tebow - Field Gulls
Discussing the rational and emotional discourse in the NFL, and the way Tim Tebow puts them in stark contrast.

Robert Griffin III: RGIII Seeks NFL for S&M (Starts & Money) - Field Gulls
Robert Griffin III is declaring for the 2012 NFL draft, which means it's time for mating season and the ladies are lining up!

A Fireside Chat With Benne and Whiskey - Field Gulls
Witness a Facebook Chat in real time horror.

I did some stuff over at the Seattle site...

A Look At The Seahawks Free Agents for 2012 - SB Nation Seattle
The Seahawks have 18 unrestricted free agents to consider re-signing or letting walk once the NFL's league year ends and free agency begins, and several restricted and exclusive rights free agents as well. Several of them are key players. Several of them are leaders. Several of them you've probably never heard of. Let's take a look at who they are, and whether or not they should be, and possibly will be, priorities for the Seahawks.

2012 Seahawks Opponents: A Quick Look - SB Nation Seattle
The Seahawks 2011 season is over with a third place finish in the NFC West. With the third-place finish comes a third place schedule and though the dates and order of the games haven't yet been announced, the opponents have been.

2012 NFL Draft: Would Brock Osweiler Fit With The Seahawks? - SB Nation Seattle
Arizona State QB Brock Osweiler has declared for the 2012 NFL Draft and is now being mentioned as a possible round two or possibly round three candidate for the Seahawks.

And Thomas and Jacob offered probably the most comprehensive analysis of Matt Flynn available on the world wide web.

A Look at Green Bay QB Matt Flynn, Part I - Field Gulls
The first of a three-part look at Matt Flynn, starting with the Patriots.

A Look at Green Bay QB Matt Flynn, Part II - Field Gulls
The second of a three-part look at free agent QB Matt Flynn scouts out some of his preseason games.

A Look at Green Bay QB Matt Flynn, Part III - Field Gulls
The penultimate part of a Matt Flynn scouting look, including the first half and then some of the Lions game.

A Look at Green Bay QB Matt Flynn, Part IV - Field Gulls
The final part of the Matt Flynn scouting report, including the rest of the Lions game and conclusions.

Matt Flynn on Tape Part I - Field Gulls
I skipped New England & preseason; the Patriots are too star-making a pass defense and preseason doesn't face game plans & starters. There are already difficult, inseparable factors in scouting...

Matt Flynn on Tape Part II - Field Gulls
If you saw the game, this GB-DET matchup, saw the highlights, or heard the news that put Flynn's name in the QB prospect discussion for needy teams from, "Don't forget Matt Flynn," to, "If you're...

Nice job this week gentlemen. Nice job.