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Black Monday Odds and Ends

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Today is "Black Monday", the day after the last regular season game, and the traditional time when struggling teams fire their struggling head coaches. The name sounds a lot darker than it really is--there's no stock market crash or overzealous shoppers to contend with--but it's caught on for whatever reason.

Jack Del Rio, Todd Haley and Tony Sparano are already long gone, so they don't even get the honor of celebrating this tradition. Two other coaches have, however, and there may be more to come today.

Raheem Morris got the axe in one of the more predictable firings after his Bucs suffered one of the most epic collapses in recent memory. The team looked like it had so much promise at the end of '10, and by the end of '11 they looked like one of the worst teams in the NFL. Not many coaches are going to survive a step backwards that big. Combine that with Morris' abrasive personality and tendency to pass the buck, and this announcement was only a formality.

The other coach to fall today is Steve Spagnuolo, who wasn't able to steer the Rams out of neutral. Now some people will argue that it wasn't totally his fault, that the talent level is still awful, and that reason is why GM Billy Devany was also given the boot. Spags is still a talented defensive mind and I don't think this is a career-killer for him, but a 10-38 record in three years and record-low attendance is not going to look good on his resume.

There may be more to come on the chopping block today--Jim Caldwell, Norv Turner, Pat Shurmur, Lovie Smith, Leslie Frazier, etc. I'll keep you posted here while we enjoy the bowl games.

Update: The Polians are out in Indy. This makes Caldwell a dead man walking. That was a joke. Because Caldwell is already dead, you see.