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Seahawks Podcast: Scott Enyeart Reps Field Gulls on Sports Radio KJR

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In case you're just now tuning in to the awesomeness of this website, Scott Enyeart is a staff writer and podcast contributor here at Field Gulls, covers the USC Trojans for Neon Tommy, and has unique connections to Pete Carroll and a number of the Seahawks' staff from their days down in Southern California. With his his ties to Carroll, Pat Ruel, and a number of other insiders with the Seahawks from his years covering them while they were at USC, he has an interesting perspective on what's going on at the VMAC, so it's nice to hear his take. PS, did you know that Pat Ruel's real first name is "Golden?" What are the odds of having two Goldens in the same organization?

Anywho, Enyeart was on SportsRadioKJR's Dave "Softy" Mahler show yesterday morning, talking with snow-substitute host Jason Puckett on all things Seahawks. They hit on a little bit of everything - the past season, the upcoming NFL Draft, the quarterback situation of course, and it's definitely worth a listen. Check it out after the jump.