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East-West Shrine Game Scouting Videos

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Here are some scouting videos, with big thanks as usual to DraftBreakdown for the excellent material they put together. If it wasn't for their unheralded and humble work, we'd be forced to watch those godawful horrible highlight videos with terrible soundtracks all day. So, thanks to Aaron Aloysius, JMPasq, JPDraftJedi, TTN2810, MARI0clp and the whole DraftBreakdown crew.

Check a few of these out prior to the game as a little preview, and see what the scouts are saying about a few more of these players. I included some players that have been mentioned as possible Seahawks targets and just a few players that have been getting some good reviews.

Jarius Wright: Rotoworld's Josh Norris, who was present at the week of practice: "Wright's 4.3 vertical speed is obvious, and he consistently beats defensive backs that have trouble turning their hips and trailing. Wright can also break his route off quickly, and was one of the few East-West Shrine receivers that effectively worked their way back to the quarterback. His track frame may worry some, but Wright will be a very appealing downfield threat in a receiver class short on speed."


WR B.J. Cunningham:

Former NFL Scout and Front Office Executive Russ Lande: "Cunningham was highly productive in college. He has excellent size, playing strength and hands even though he is not viewed as an elite prospect. While Cunningham is a good athlete for his size, he lacks foot quickness and explosiveness to get consistent separation against man coverage. PROJECTED: Third or fourth round."


DT DaJohn Harris:

Josh Norris: "The overlooked USC product had a very consistent week, constantly getting by interior linemen with brute strength and a deceiving first step. Harris jumps the snap well and looks for contact with his hands. He may never be an NFL starter, but Harris will give effort when his chance comes. West coaches even gave Harris some looks at defensive end."

Wes Bunting: "Possesses an good first step off the ball, can gain leverage in the run game and generate a snap into/through contact. He can be effective as a pass rusher as well due to his first step, lateral quickness and ability to use his hands to gain leverage. At worst looks like a rotational guy, but should be able to fight for playing time early one and could develop into a starting 43 tackle."


QB Chandler Harnish:

Rotoworld's Josh Norris: "Harnish is a better athlete than quarterback. If it were not for the next player on this list, Harnish would have been the most inconsistent passer here. After making a handful of adequate throws, he would follow up with interceptions or off-target passes."


QB Austin Davis:

Rotoworld's Josh Norris: "Davis belongs on his own tier right behind Coleman. Though he'll probably never be a long-term NFL starter, Davis has a future as a career backup and emergency spot starter. Davis is an accurate passer with educated decision-making skills, but velocity on any throw longer than 15 yards will always challenge him."


QB John Brantley:

Russ Lande: "Every scout we spoke with expressed frustration that Brantley had not been more productive. He has the physical tools to be elite. No one questions his arm. What do teams want to see? Better footwork and consistent accuracy. Plus, he must adjust when plays break down. PROJECTED: Fourth or fifth round."


RB Davin Maggette:

Russ Lande: "Meggett plays with the versatility of his father, former New York Giants running back Dave Meggett. He too makes big plays as a runner and receiver, and he has pass-protection skills. Scouts view him as a "quicker than fast" back who lacks game-breaking speed and explosiveness that are seen as necessary for a short back to produce. More than anything, Meggett needs a big week to prove to NFL teams he has the toughness to handle the pounding and be a durable No. 1 back. PROJECTED: Fourth or fifth round."


DE Brandon Lindsey:

Josh Norris: (2nd ranked DE) "This ranking has very little to do with Lindsey's week of practice. In fact, Lindsey looked bad as a 4-3 strong-side linebacker. Luckily for him, he will never play that position in the NFL. Lindsey has a natural first step as a pass rusher and fits as a 3-4 outside 'backer. He shies from contact a bit too much but in limited time covering the flats, Lindsey looked quite fluid and beat plenty of tackles in pass rushing drills with a quick spin move."

Russ Lande: "For a linebacker who displayed good quickness and speed on film, he looked like a different player in practice this week. He lacked quickness reacting to the play and had just adequate chase speed. In addition, he did not look good playing off the ball in pass coverage. For a player who had a chance to be a third or fourth rounder before the week, he is now likely a free agent."


CB Robert Blanton:

Josh Norris: "Blanton isn’t the typical corner, excelling more at the line than in off coverage downfield. His length and ability to hold the edge with toughness are hard to find. However, Blanton just cannot play in off coverage due to slow hip turn and heavy feet, usually forcing him to grab receivers downfield. Blanton is a great fit in a press scheme (think Seahawks), and can run with receivers after the jam while slowing them down."