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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Wednesday

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NFL Draft 2012 - Senior Bowl Week: Scouting Reports & Player Profiles - SB Nation Seattle
It's Senior Bowl week in Mobile, Alabama, and Seahawks and Husky fans have a lot to watch for as the nation's top senior prospects try to prove their mettle.

Peyton Manning to the Seahawks? No Way! Maybe! Probably Not! But Maybe! - SB Nation Seattle
The Peyton Manning saga has been one of the more compelling stories happening behind the scenes this year in the NFL and the 2011 season sans the Colts as a contender was a little strange. What happens with the future hall-of-famer now is even more interesting and the speculation is only likely to grow as we near the end of the league year and the start of free agency.

If Peyton is available, should Seahawks take a look? - Blog -
Bob Kravitz's column in The Indianapolis Star details Peyton Manning's thoughts on his uncertain future with the Colts. news: Early position-by-position rankings for 2012 NFL Draft
The 2012 NFL Draft may be three months away, but the evaluation process is already in full swing. NFL draft guru Mike Mayock provides his early prospect rankings at each position. These rankings will be regularly updated in the coming months, but here is where things stand on the week of the Senior Bowl:

League says Nike deal won’t lead to dramatic jersey design changes | ProFootballTalk
Earlier today, we suggested that folks thinking about buying an NFL jersey should consider waiting until April of this year, when the switch flips from Reebok to Nike. But with a Nike exec saying in October 2010 that the company plans on "changing the NFL jersey dramatically," the league is now saying otherwise.

Peyton Manning has no intentions of retiring -
While one Manning prepares for a Super Bowl, another is just trying to get healthy. Eli is headed to Indianapolis for a Giants-Patriots rematch (even if in name only). Peyton, meanwhile, continues to recover from neck surgery that kept him sidelined for the 2011 season, played no small part in the Colts' 2-14 record, owner Jim Irsay's subsequent housecleaning, and the team's plans to take a quarterback with its well-earned first-overall pick. Thanks to Rob Lowe, fictional Indiana native, Manning was supposedly retiring. This literally is not true.

Mac's Football Blog: Dolphins Director Of Player Personnel Brian Gaine To Interview With Rams
Miami Dolphins Director of Player Personnel Brian Gaine will interview for the St. Louis Rams general manager vacancy next week, Calvin Watkins of ESPN Dallas reports.

Focus Points – Justin Smith |
As we got deeper into the second half of this game you just knew it was going to take a mistake from one of the offenses or indeed special teams to break the deadlock. So great was the defenses stranglehold it seemed we may be in for an even longer game than the one we got.

Weeden: Age is not a problem | National Football Post
Oklahoma State QB hopes to show he is still a prospect at age 28.

Cosell Talks: For Alex Smith, What a Difference a Week Made : NFL Films Blog
It’s very easy to blame Kyle Williams for the 49ers NFC Championship defeat. Certainly, without his punt return mistakes, San Francisco had a legitimate chance to advance to Super Bowl 46.

QB, WRs emerge at Monday's North Sr Bowl practice -
Making a strong first impression at the Senior Bowl can send a player's stock skyrocketing and boost his rookie contract by millions of dollars.

Examining the market for Green Bay's Matt Flynn - Blog -
Using the franchise tag on Matt Flynn would then allow the Packers to get something in return for their backup quarterback in a trade as opposed to letting him walk in free agency.

Seahawks Blog | That Hutchinson guy winding down in Minnesota | Seattle Times Newspaper
The departure of Steve Hutchinson in 2006 became one of the defining moments in Tim Ruskell's five years as Seahawks president. So much so, in fact, that at the news conference in which Ruskell announced his resignation in December 2009, he remarked he once told his wife that upon his death, they should opt for the cremation instead of traditional burial so no one could write on his tombstone, "Here lies the man who lost Hutch."

Senior Bowl Report: Tuesday Morning Practice | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
We've got a special treat for all you draftniks — Mike Tanier of Football Outsiders is down in Mobile for Shutdown Corner to cover all the sights from the Senior Bowl. This is his first of many practice reports. You should also follow Mike at @FO_MTanier for further updates and other football wisdom!

Kirk Cousins – future Seahawks quarterback? " Seahawks Draft Blog
One of the more intriguing prospects at the Senior Bowl this week is Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins. Draft Countown’s Shane Hallam reported yesterday that scouts from Seattle spoke to Cousins after yesterday’s opening practise and reports from the work out were fairly positive. Tony Pauline mentioned in his day one round-up, "Cousins showed a big league arm all day, powering the ball into targets and getting passes through the tight windows. He was relatively accurate for the most part and did a solid job."

Habaugh gets in touch with his inner child |
My working hypothesis is that Jim Harbaugh is 11 years old. Sure, he's been on Earth almost half a century, but deep inside he is 11. This is no putdown of Harbaugh. I am extremely fond of 11-year-olds. I myself reached my peak at 11 and it's been downhill ever since.

Jim Harbaugh takes some heat in San Francisco | ProFootballTalk
Jim Harbaugh is very likely to win NFL Coach of the Year when the league announces its awards on Super Bowl eve. He deserves the award. That doesn’t mean Harbaugh is above a little criticism in San Francisco for how he’s handled the aftermath of the 49ers loss Sunday.

Forcing fumbles an art, not luck - Chris Harry -
For Kyle Williams and shellshocked San Francisco 49ers fans, it may still feel as though destiny dealt them a cruel blow in Sunday's NFC Championship Game.