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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Tuesday

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GLENDALE, AZ - JANUARY 01:  Head Coach Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks cheers on his team during pre-game against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium on January 1, 2012 in Glendale, Arizona.  (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)
GLENDALE, AZ - JANUARY 01: Head Coach Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks cheers on his team during pre-game against the Arizona Cardinals at University of Phoenix Stadium on January 1, 2012 in Glendale, Arizona. (Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Happy Tuesday, you guys.

Griffin out of reach for Seattle? Not so fast… " Seahawks Draft Blog
The Heisman winner in Seattle? It's not quite so unrealistic anymore... The Seahawks are a coin-toss away from the #11 overall pick in April, yet most people have given up on the Seahawks drafting a quarterback in round one. I was one of those people. After a big win on the road against Chicago, I presumed the Seahawks would win one of their last two games. I’m not sure many people anticipated two NFC West defeats to end the regular season, which pushed Seattle up to the fringes of the top-ten. Time to review this particular situation.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Under Pressure: Sacking the Pro Bowl
If you're making a list of the best pass rushers in football, Jared Allen is likely to be among the first names you'll hear mentioned. If DeMarcus Ware isn't mentioned before Allen, he's sure to be mentioned soon after. Anyone who has watched Tamba Hali dismantle blocking scheme after blocking scheme knows he can be nearly unblockable.

RSP Cutting Room Floor: College RB and WR Notes | The Rookie Scouting Portfolio
If you haven’t noticed, the RSP blog is often my catchall area to write about anything I can relate to football. Nonetheless, rookie evaluation is still far and away the headliner. With the regular NFL season in the books I’ve ramped up my film study of college players. Here’s a few odds and ends about several players I’ve watched recently. For much more in-depth analysis, get the Rookie Scouting Portfolio publication available April 1.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Final 2011 DVOA Ratings
We went through a large part of the year worrying about how our ratings looked when an undefeated Green Bay team wasn't at number one. Turns out that we were worrying for no reason. Green Bay didn't end up undefeated, and they eventually ascended to the top spot in DVOA nonetheless.

Re-Focused: 49ers @ Rams, Week 17 |
Job done for the San Francisco 49ers.

Steve Spagnuolo, Raheem Morris built teams capable of winning soon - Don Banks -
There was little surprise factor that the Rams' Steve Spagnuolo and the Bucs' Raheem Morris were the first two head coaches fired on the NFL's Black Monday, given that their fate had appeared determined for at least a couple weeks now.

Rams clean house | National Football Post
The St. Louis Rams didn’t take much time to make it official this morning as owner Stan Kroenke announced that general manager Billy Devany and coach Steve Spagnuolo have been fired.

Fisher to interview with Dolphins, Rams | National Football Post
Former Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher will interview for the head coaching vacancy with the Miami Dolphins this week, according to the Miami Herald.

Concerns about Mike Singletary's preparation 'raised red flags' | National Football Post
Speculation has been rampant for weeks that there will be major turnover on the Minnesota Vikings’ coaching staff, that Leslie Frazier will need to revamp his defensive assistants.

Cosell Talks: Stafford, Smith, Contending & Pretending : NFL Films Blog
The San Francisco 49ers. The Detroit Lions. Both playoff teams for the first time in years. Both with quarterbacks that were chosen number one in their respective NFL drafts. That’s where the similarity begins and ends. Blogs " Blog Archive Rams’ failure vs. NFC West was Spagnuolo’s undoing "
"In the second half, they just couldn’t compete within their own division," La Canfora said. "Had they won a few more games within the NFC West, there was a chance that maybe owner Stan Kroenke would’ve stayed the course. But you look at the totality of this regime, just not enough victories." news: Colts' Irsay still evaluating Manning's return from neck surgeries
As Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay looks at the future of his team, he envisions an organization with a new general manager and possibly a new coach. news: Harbaugh says 49ers plan to bring back QB Smith for 2012
Coach Jim Harbaugh has told San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith that the team plans to re-sign him beyond this season. news: Packers backup Flynn has talent of top-tier QB
In a league that is governed by quarterback play, scouts, coaches and general managers are always looking for the next big thing at the position. The league's next franchise quarterback might be Aaron Rodgers' backup in Green Bay. With Rodgers resting in the Packers' season finale on Sunday, Matt Flynn made his second career start and torched the Detroit Lions for 480 passing yards and six touchdowns.

Seattle Seahawks Blog - Hawk Blogger: The Morning After: Seahawks Lose 23-20 to Cardinals
That was weird. Some fans wanted a win, others wanted a loss. Some players were fiery, some were going through the motions. Call it the Indifference Bowl. Neither team was playing a meaningful game for the first time this season, and it showed. Execution regressed. Effort was less. It was the game embodiment of a shoulder shrug. That's not to say players intentionally eased off the accelerator. Anyone who has played a competitive sport knows that there is simply a different level of intensity when something is on the line.

17 Power, A Seattle Seahawks Blog: Larry Fitzgerald returns home to Krypton after helping the Cards narrowly defeat Seahawks
I badly wanted Seattle to win today. Had they won, they would have posted their first non-losing season since 2007. Had they won, it would have put a nice 6-2 finish bow on a 2-6 start turd, which would have made for a cool offseason storyline.

Free-agent-to-be Bryant wants to stay a Seahawk | Seattle Seahawks
The faith Seahawks showed in moving him to defensive end was a big deal to Bryant — even though he first thought they were trying to cut him.

A potential Seahawks quarterback option emerges - Blog -
It began before the Seahawks game even started. "Matt Flynn is tearing it up today. Should the Hawks sign him?" "Have you seen what Matt Flynn is doing right now? The Seahawks need to get him." "Matt Flynn is ON FIRE! Isn't signing a free agent easier than trading a bounty for Luck/RGIII?"

Washington RB Chris Polk to enter NFL draft - College News -
Chris Polk wanted to own all of Washington's records for running backs by the time he left school.

Seattle filled with optimism after 2nd half surge - Seahawks News -
Even though he just concluded his fifth NFL season, Marshawn Lynch said he grew up and became a pro in 2011.

Jerry Brewer | Tarvaris Jackson's solid season doesn't erase Seahawks' need for franchise quarterback | Seattle Times Newspaper
And now we return to your regularly scheduled quarterback angst. The Seahawks' never-ending (or never-beginning?) pursuit of a franchise quarterback is a tease similar to the meandering television show "The Killing." And, no, that is not a lame joke about getting rid of Tarvaris Jackson.

Seahawks Blog | Seahawks breaking up for the season | Seattle Times Newspaper
The Seahawks' final team meeting of the 2011 season began at noon on Monday. Before that, there was an hour of access to the team's locker room, which included conversations that are predictable. All the free agents aren't sure exactly what the future holds, and sure, they'd love to be back, but you never know.

Seahawks Blog | Seahawks free agency: Good intentions, greater uncertainty | Seattle Times Newspaper
Hope. That was the unanimous sentiment among the 18 players on Seattle's roster who are scheduled to be unrestricted free agents. There isn't a one of them that cleaned out his locker on Monday and stated anything other than a desire to be back with the team next season. At the same time, none were blind to the possibility that they might wind up elsewhere. Those competing possibilities were presented side by side when defensive end Red Bryant was asked if he expects to be back.

As the players were cleaning out their cubicles in the Seahawks' locker room on Monday, leading rusher Marshawn Lynch held one final Q&A session as only the team's Skittles-back can.

Thoughts on 2012 NFC West opponents - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The New York Giants' victory over the Dallas Cowboys affected 2012 schedules in the NFC West. The Giants won the NFC East. The Cowboys dropped to third, behind Philadelphia. That means the Eagles will visit the Arizona Cardinals in 2012. The Giants will visit San Francisco once again. Dallas will visit Seattle. Those were among the revelations Sunday. Your thoughts? Here are a few of mine relating to NFC West non-division opponents:

Once again, Fitzgerald abuses Seahawks | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune
- Just another day at the office for Arizona receiver Larry Fitzgerald

Steve Kelley | Receiver's stunning TD catch portends future of big plays | Seattle Times Newspaper
Tarvaris Jackson had all day to throw, which meant Ricardo Lockette had all day to run, and we're starting to find out that when Lockette is running, amazing things can happen. Blog | Monday in Hawkville "
The not-so-long goodbye. The players cleaned out their cubicles in the locker room today, always a sweet-and-sour experience, after completing their exit physicals and before a final team meeting. "We’re going to be going our separate ways," quarterback Tarvaris Jackson said, less than 24 hours after their season ended with a 23-20 overtime loss to the Cardinals in Arizona. "A lot of guys are going to be tuning into the playoffs and wishing that we were in there and had that opportunity. But time will fly by.

Around the NFC West: Where Seattle stands - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Pete Carroll still has time. The difference between 7-9 and 8-8 wasn't important to the coach's offseason message that the Seattle Seahawks are improving with young players.

Spagnuolo out: Changes in perspective - NFC West Blog - ESPN
The St. Louis Rams' search for a new general manager and head coach is under way. The case for change was easily made, and that is typically the case when teams lose. A look back at coaching changes from last offseason offers perspective.

Polian, Roman, Flynn and other subjects - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Lots going on around the NFC and in the NFC West. Let's make the rounds ...

The Brewery | Column preview: Discussing the Seahawks' quarterback issue (again) | Seattle Times Newspaper
Trying something new here. New year, new tricks.

Seattle Seahawks Blog - Hawk Blogger: 2012 DRAFT: Finding A Trading Partner
Seattle will draft either #11 or #12 in the 2012 draft. The ideal situation would be for there to be enough great quarterbacks available that they could stay where they are and draft a guy worth of that pick. Early indications are that there are a couple QBs worthy of the Top 5, and scrum of players worth a look after #20. John Schneider and Pete Carroll have yet to trade up to get any player in their two drafts. They have traded back more than once. Both options merit consideration, but finding a willing trade partner will be key.

Lynch on free agency: "Hopefully I can get taken care of where I’m at." | Seahawks Insider
Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch addressed his pending free agency while talking to reporters during his team’s locker room clean out this morning. "Everything’s going to fall into place," Lynch said about becoming an unrestricted free agent in March. "There’s not too much I can do about it but just wait." And would he like to be back in Seattle? "I mean I would like to come back, but if it don’t happen, it don’t happen," Lynch said.