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Seahawks Uniform Changes: Rumors and Intrigue

I was thinking a helmet like this, but with logo Seahawks and not, NOT feathers, would be B.A.
I was thinking a helmet like this, but with logo Seahawks and not, NOT feathers, would be B.A.

The offseason wouldn't be complete without a little uniform talk. Here we go. So, I've tried to keep the serious rumor mongering to a minimum here at Field Gulls (I'm all about sarcastic rumor mongering, mind you - which is kind of what follows) but I do want to bring up something that I found interesting. And sickening.

Ok, so first - Danny O'Neil wrote this today - concerning the forthcoming uniform changes that we've all talked about following a Peter McCloughan interview on Softy's KJR show last year.

But - there's one little detail that corroborates an interaction I had as well. Per O'Neil:

What we know: Nike becomes the NFL uniform supplier in 2012, taking over for Reebok. The expectation is the Seahawks will be getting new uniforms.

What we don't know: What those uniforms look like. There are a number of drawings on the InterGoogle, but those aren't official nor are they believed to be close to the actual model.

What we've heard: A little birdie gave out a few hints the helmets will be darker, and there will be some feather trim. The helmets are not expected to go back to being silver. But as McLoughlin indicated, it's not going to be a massive overhaul.

Now, backtrack about a month and I'm just shooting the breeze on Twitter, talking about Oregon's badass metallic silver helmets from the Rose Bowl and how it might be kind of cool if the Hawks did something like that next year (a play on their old silver helmets, not exactly how Oregon did it).

But, BUT, BUUUUUUUUT - I stipulated that I would not enjoy any of the Oregon feathers, obviously.

To which Seattle Seahawk Malcolm Smith replied:

Taking these two clues into account - the likelihood for feather accents or 'trim' as O'Neil put it, on the Seahawks' uniforms in 2012 just went up a little bit. Yeesh. Crestfallen.

Now, this is all random hearsay and twitter banter so I'm not putting too much stock in it. It's why I never mentioned this interaction with Smith before, but now that Danny O'Neil is 'hearing' this as well, I've become worried. I mean - would Pete Carroll really allow an Oregon copycat job with feather accents?? SAY IT AIN'T SO PETE!!

If you can't tell, I don't like the Oregon feather action on their uniforms. I think it's dumb. Either way - consider this my irresponsible rumor mongering of the day. Thoughts?