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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Wednesday

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Carroll Offseason Press Conference

Struggling Broncos get inspiration from Seahawks | - Sports
"Look at Seattle a year ago when they got in it. They made a lot of noise," said Willis McGahee, the Broncos' leading rusher with 1,199 yards. "That's what we plan on doing."

Seahawks | Pete Carroll believes Seahawks ready for next step | Seattle Times Newspaper
Coach Pete Carroll had no idea how long it would take. He admitted that without hesitation during his first day on the job as Seahawks coach. He stood behind a podium in his suit and tie two years ago and asked about the timeline for contention before anyone else could.

DeSean Jackson apologizes, would gladly take franchise tag | ProFootballTalk
After a strong finish to the season, DeSean Jackson is saying all the right things in Philadelphia. Starting with: "I’m sorry."

Money will determine DeSean Jackson’s Philly future | ProFootballTalk
Jackson’s behavior for much of the season made it seem like he was laying the foundation for a trip out of town when the year came to an end, but Lurie said Tuesday that he would welcome Jackson back to the team next season. Whether or not Jackson comes back will come down to dollars and cents, according to the owner, and "if the right terms develop" Jackson will remain with the team.

Shurmur won’t say if McCoy, Hillis have a future in Cleveland | ProFootballTalk
Browns coach Pat Shurmur shared some thoughts today on where the franchise is heading in 2012, but he declined to commit to either quarterback Colt McCoy or running back Peyton Hillis as part of the team next season.

Draw It Up: Oklahoma State and the Stick Concept - The Triangle Blog
Despite being outgained by Stanford by almost 180 yards in total offense, and outrushed 243 yards to 13, Oklahoma State won the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl on Monday by doing what it has done all year: Winning the turnover battle and getting big plays when the Cowboys needed them.

Mac's Football Blog: 2012 NFL "Reserve/Futures" Contract Tracker
NFL teams have signed the following players to "Reserve/Futures" contracts for the 2012 season.

Draft Talk 14.0 | National Football Post
Bomani Jones host of The Evening Jones joins Wes Bunting this week to talk two of the draft’s top skill position players and a North Carolina linebacker.

Washington RB Chris Polk Declares for NFL Draft: The Breakdown | National Football Post
What kind of prospect is he and what kind of grade foes he warrant?

2011 NFP All-Rookie offensive team | National Football Post
After watching many rookies contribute this season, my feeling is the 2011 rookie class didn’t have as many contributors as 2010. But still we saw many rookies make outstanding contributions. What follows is our All-Rookie offensive team. We will have the defensive team on Friday. Blogs " Blog Archive Spagnuolo: Rams have a ‘solid foundation’ "
One day after he was fired as Rams head coach, Steve Spagnuolo released a statement thanking the Rams organization. Spagnuolo was dismissed after posting a 10-38 record in three seasons. news: Nelson: It's insulting to call Packers' Rodgers a system QB
"That's a joke. I think that's very disrespectful for people to say that about Aaron," Nelson said Monday on WSSP-AM in Milwaukee (via "The year he's had, the past couple years he's had, have been incredible. I think that's very disrespectful for a guy who's put a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of work into his game.

Dave Krieg's Strike Beard: Ranking the Squads #21: 2011 (With Updated All-Time Rankings)
In 2002, the Seahawks got off to an abysmal 2-6 start- It was bad enough that fans and media types in Seattle were calling for Mike Holmgren to get canned, only three years after coming to the Northwest as The Savior, covered in Super Bowl-winning glory. Somehow things started to come together in the 2nd half of that season, though- Matt Hasselbeck blossomed as a near-elite quarterback, throwing for over 3000 yards in only 10 starts. Holmgren's offense, anchored by Hasselbeck, Alexander, Jones and Hutchinson finally bloomed and the Hawks finished that campaign on a 5-3 uptick. It was the adolescence of one of the NFL's most prolific offenses from 2003-2007, and the beginning of Seattle's 2nd Pro Football "Golden Age."

Tarvaris Jackson welcomes possible competition at QB - Blog -
In his final press conference of the 2011 season, Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson finished with the same message he used to start the season -- he is here to compete. "It flew by, really," Jackson said of his first season with the Seahawks. "It seems like it was just yesterday I was just getting here, kind of lost and trying to find my way here a little bit and now it's ending. It's been a process for us as far as growing together and us trying to figure each other out, trying to find ourselves, but it's been fun this season.

Get a quarterback? It's easier said than done - Seahawks News -
How many teams are set at the quarterback position? If you put yourself in every other NFL team's shoes, how many are thinking what a lot of Seahawks fans are thinking – what are we going to do for a QB? The ongoing Tarvaris Jackson saga continued in Sunday's 23-20 overtime loss to the Arizona Cardinals as the Seahawks quarterback had the sort of game that summed up his entire season. He threw for 222 yards and completed 60 percent of his passes. Along the way there were the familiar hot and cold plays that have characterized Jackson's year.

Seahawks go from Beast Mode to ‘wait and see’ | Seattle Seahawks - The News Tribune
Players took their exit physicals, packed cleats, signed helmets and swapped jerseys on their last day at the Seattle Seahawks’ facility on Monday.

Carroll says Jackson’s the starter – for now | Seahawks Insider
Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll talked for about 45 minutes on a wide range of topics during his end-of-the-season press conference this afternoon.

Notes from final Pete Carroll presser of the season | - Seahawks blog
advertisement | your ad here Pete Carroll addressed the media for the final time to wrap up the 2011 season, and in addition to answering roughly 492 questions about the team's future at quarterback--more on this later, but to sum it up, he basically said they like Tarvaris Jackson, but will also be competitive there just like at every position--Carroll also had some interesting things to say, as well as a bit of news. Here are a few quick highlights:

Seahawks Blog | Seahawks free-agency focus: TE John Carlson | Seattle Times Newspaper
John Carlson caught more passes in his first two seasons as Seahawks than any tight end in Seattle franchise history. In 2011, he didn't catch anything, much less a break.

2012 NFL Draft - -
The first 20 picks of the 2012 NFL draft were settled on the final day of the regular season. Well, almost. Coin flips will determine whether the Carolina Panthers or Miami Dolphins pick eighth or ninth. The 7-9 Kansas City Chiefs and Seattle Seahawks will also have to wait for a coin flip to find out which team gets the 11th pick -- the other will be No. 12 -- in April.

Monday metatarsal musings
Or footnotes: A look at three things that worked in Sunday’s season-ending loss to the Cardinals, and three things that need work as the Seahawks head into the offseason.

Seahawks have decisions to make | - Sports
RB Marshawn Lynch is one of Seattle's 18 unrestricted free agents

Where NFC West teams rank: Week 17 - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Sifting through 2011 regular-season rankings for NFC West teams on offense and defense:

Robert Griffin III vs Washington & draft notes " Seahawks Draft Blog
Yesterday I wrote a piece contemplating a scenario where Robert Griffin III was within reach for the Seahawks. Although many people expect Griffin to be drafted in the top-five, we looked at situations that could make it possible for Seattle to initiate a modest trade up the board – possibly with Carolina at #8 – to draft their quarterback. Today I wanted to highlight Griffin’s most recent (and likely final) appearance for Baylor, a 67-56 shoot-out against Washington.

Pete Carroll Seahawks press conference quotes - Seattle Seahawks blogs
Seattle Seahawks head football coach and press conference wise-guy Pete Carroll came to the podium today prepared to put in some time. He answered 40 minutes worth of questions. That has to set some records doesn’t it? He put his own charismatic wrap on the season. 2011 was an interesting year for the Seahawks, and whether you agree with me or not I think this season was a marginal success.

Flynn departure may not aid Packers - JSOnline
Matt Flynn will be a member of the Green Bay Packers for the next two months. After that, the backup quarterback will be either on his way to another team via trade or through free agency. Either way he'll be a rich man. The Packers, however, may not benefit as much from his loss as some people might think. Those expecting the Packers to be able to trade him for high draft picks should heed a warning. A trade is not a certainty.