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Seahawks News & Rumors: Seattle Signs WR Charly Martin, RB Tyrell Sutton to Futures Contracts

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The Seahawks signed two more players to futures contracts, according to Twitter anyway, adding WR Charly Martin and RB Tyrell Sutton (ref here, here). Sutton was a UDFA out of Northwestern that (gasp) the Packers signed in 2009 in rookie free agency. He didn't make the 53 man roster there, and though the Packers intended to add him to their practice squad, he was claimed by the Carolina Panthers off waivers.

Sutton is actually a pretty intriguing prospect that Chris mentioned as a possible candidate to be signed at the beginning of this season during 2011 roster cut downs. Chris eloquently put it this way:

"Tyrell Sutton (RB) - The Panthers just cut him. So what? Well, they shouldn't have. He's good. Sutton is like a bizarre hybrid of Justin Forsett (5'8") and Marshawn Lynch (230 lbs). He has surprisingly good hands out of the backfield, and is a perfect zone running back -- one cut and go, all the way." (By the way, I wish that guy would write more around here.... just saying).

Here's what Sutton's NFLDraftScout/CBSSports profile from 2009 says about him:


Very tough, productive back when healthy. Low center of gravity, bouncing and spinning off tacklers to maintain his balance. Runs tougher than you'd expect for his size, lowering his pads or shoulder and churning his legs between the tackles and making extra yardage after the catch.

Aggressive blocker who likes to hit blitzers and twisting defensive ends with a shoulder. Excellent receiver, looks natural catching the ball out of the backfield on screens, wheel, jerk and circle routes.


Has improved his overall build over the years but is still a bit undersized. Usually runs out of a spread offense but showed he can follow a fullback on occasion. More quick than fast, Sutton does not have breakaway speed in the open field. Lacks great foot speed, and takes time to change direction or make a cut. Not a short-yardage back.

Whiffs on blocks in the backfield and does not have the size and strength to sustain. His cut blocks in pass protection are not very effective. Durability in question after missing significant time the past two seasons, although he showed toughness returning for (and playing well in) the 2008 Alamo Bowl.

As for Martin, he's a WR out of West Texas A&M that also spent time with the Panthers this last season, and was last with the Jaguars. He was originally signed by the Chargers as a UDFA in 2009. Here's what his Draft profile has to say about him:

BIOGRAPHY: Three-year starter awarded all-Conference honors since his sophomore campaign. Also named to a number of all-America teams since 2006. Led the team in receiving as a senior, posting 95/1,867/22 after 67/927/11 as a junior, when he missed two games with a shoulder injury. Sophomore totals included 73/1,169/10.

POSITIVES: Sure-handed pass catcher with marginal size/speed numbers. Smart, tough, and fights to come away with the throw. Displays good focus, eye/hand coordination, and consistently extends to make the reception away from his frame. Gets up in a crowd for the difficult catch, displays himself to be a sturdy receiver, and takes a pounding yet holds onto the throw. Uses his frame to shield away opponents, nicely adjusts to the errant throw, and quickly transitions from making the reception to running after the catch.

NEGATIVES: Possesses marginal playing speed, and does not get separation down the field. Should be a better blocker.

ANALYSIS: Martin has been ultra-productive the past three seasons, and his reliability could help him catch on at the next level as a fifth receiver..

Churn baby, churn.