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Seahawks vs. Patriots: 12th Man preview podcast with Jason Puckett & Scott Enyeart

After a brief hiatus last week (we recorded but then were unable to post due to technical difficulties), the 12th Man Podcast is back this week with Scott Enyeart, SportsRadioKJR's Jason Puckett, and yours truly, previewing the Seahawks' matchup with the New England Patriots.

We briefly re-cap the Seahawks' win vs. Carolina and then we get into how the Seahawks plan of dealing with the Patriots' #1 offense and the no-huddle attack they bring. We talk about the Seahawks' focus on the redzone, the Seahawks' defensive MVP, and much more.

We talked about a lot. You should listen.

Embedded here or head over to KJR to download. It should be up on iTunes soon as well, so head over to Ian Furness and Jason Puckett's SportsRadioKJR iTunes page.