Wait, what's this? Respect?


I was just over on the main page, and couldn't help but notice that the Seahawks were all over it. Lots of Russell Wilson, lots of Richard Sherman, and then some actual analysis stuff, too. I had expected, as had many here, that the big story was going to be all about the Patriots choking, what's wrong with the Patriots, they played down to the level of the lowly Hawks, has Belichick lost his edge, etc., etc. but low and behold, the only mention of the Pats was a photo of Brady getting dissed by Sherman and comments from Belichick about preparing for Tebow. I grabbed some screenshots from the site and stitched them together at the link above to show all 7 appearances of Hawk goodness at the main page (since it will undoubtedly change as the day goes on). I'm still having trouble believing it.