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Seahawks Listens: Analysis of Russell Wilson by Hugh Millen, Warren Moon

A couple of former NFL quarterbacks weigh in on Russell Wilson's play so far this season.

Dilip Vishwanat - Getty Images

I suppose this quarterback conversation has been talked to death already but there have been a couple of really good listens from both Hugh Millen (KJR) and Warren Moon (ESPN710) over the last two days that are worth your time. Millen continues to take a critical viewpoint of Wilson's play and makes some insightful points about several areas of his game, and Moon adds some interesting perspective and context to the conversation. I recommend you listen to both former NFL quarterbacks give their take on Wilson's season thus far. Hat tip to 710ESPN and SportsRadioKJR.

Hugh Millen on with Ian Furness, SportsRadioKJR.

Warren Moon on with Brock/Salk on 710ESPN.