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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Thursday

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Already Thursday, you guys.

Updated 2013 mock draft: 3rd October " Seahawks Draft Blog
About a month ago I posted an initial ‘mock draft’ which was really designed to identify prospects we need to keep an eye on for 2013. Of course it’s far too early to try and make a logical projection, but updating the mock today is a chance to see how stock is rising or falling and if any news names have come into focus.

He's Not Who They Thought He Was | The Sideline View
Before April’s NFL Draft, former Baltimore Ravens head coach Brian Billick wrote a series of ironic articles at detailing what to look for and how to effectively evaluate quarterbacks. Part 1 was fittingly titled "Nobody knows anything," implying that no matter how much research and game film one watches, there’s uncertainty how he will play in the NFL.

Under Pressure - Evaluations -
The 2012 draft class had some solid, intriguing pass rush prospects, but overall it was considered a weak year - especially compared to a 2011 class that featured Von Miller, Aldon Smith, and Ryan Kerrigan. This year is a different story, however. We're looking at two of my personal favorites this week, but I can't stress how much edge rushing talent this draft class will likely end up having. If your favorite team misses out on one of these two guys it'll hurt, don't stress too much....unless they go to a division rival. Then you should worry.

Chalk Talk: Great blocking leads to Seahawks' only TD - Blog -
The stat sheet suggests that Braylon Edwards was a non-factor – again – in the Seahawks' Week 4 loss to St. Louis. But as Brock Huard explains in the latest "Chalk Talk" video, Edwards was one of several Seahawks whose sound blocking made Marshawn Lynch's first-quarter touchdown run possible.

Seahawks hoping for road improvement; Cam Newton containment | - Seattle Sidelines
"The emphasis this week is that we’ve got to get our game right on the road," Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said. "We have a good approach to it, we feel good about the way we’re playing hard and all, but we haven’t been as successful in a number of areas on the road as we have been at home, so that’s a big challenge for us. We have to get this thing stepped up."

Wilson headed home to face Panthers - Panthers -
Wilson didn’t let the three-interception game at St. Louis knock him back. "There are things you want to improve on and keep fighting, keep playing. You’ve got to keep working," Wilson said. "It’s a process. You have to stay positive and understand there’s going to be ups and downs and understand there are going to be a lot more better days than worse days. The way you control that is with your attitude and the way you go about your business every day."

Seahawks vow to improve passing game " Kitsap Sun
"The biggest area we're struggling is third down," Bevell said. "That's not a secret. The good thing is we only had nine of them (against St. Louis). The bad thing was, we only converted two of them. And there were seven of them I think that were less than four yards. So we've got to do a better job there."

Seahawks rookie LB Wagner makes quick transition - - Oct. 3, 2012
"He is really playing good football. He’s doing a terrific job handling things," Carroll said Wednesday. "He’s shown up with big hits, he’s covering well. He’s chasing the football. You can see the speed he has a number of times. We don’t have anything we can’t do right now."

Seahawks don't need to open up the playbook — they need to convert on third down | Danny O'Neil |
"First and second down has been very effective for us," Carroll said. "We have not had a lot of third-and-longs." This is what offensive coordinators mean when they talk about staying on schedule, gaining ground on the first two downs, so the third one is manageable, and so far Seattle has done that. "Those are workable numbers," Carroll said.

Quick Take: Newton faces Seahawks' ruthless D -
Why this game is intriguing: If there's one thing to like about this game, it's the Seahawks' ruthless pass rush -- the unit that sacked Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers eight times in a half -- taking on the league's best running quarterback threat. Sure, Seattle wants to pressure Cam Newton. But do they really? If he takes off and gashes the defense, is that helpful? Lots of good X's-and-O's chess here, just as far as how to defend Newton with such an aggressive defense. Blog | Wednesday in Hawkville: Wagner doing more than just filling a hole in the middle
"Boy, this is a loaded offense that we’re dealing with," Carroll said. "We had a lot of respect for Cam Newton coming out in the draft. … But to see him now and see the offense they’re running and what they’re doing with the three running backs that they have is terrific. (Tight end Greg) Olsen and Steve Smith outside. "This is a really, really difficult offense and they’re doing a great job. Ron (Rivera, Panthers coach) has put together an offense that is very, very explosive. It’s a good matchup for us." Blog | Carroll: Third down defense, offense to receive "extra work" during week of practice
Head Coach Pete Carroll addressed the media this afternoon as part of his weekly Wednesday press conference ahead of this afternoon’s practice and preparations for their Week 5 road contest with the Carolina Panthers. Carroll emphasized the importance of the team getting their game right on the road this week in Carolina, pointing to their 0-2 road record away from home thus far. Carroll specifically noted the team’s inability to take advantage of turnovers on the road like they have been able to take advantage of them at home as a priority for improvement.

Trufant sits with balky back | Seahawks Insider
Seahawks veteran cornerback Marcus Trufant did not practice today because of what Seattle head coach Pete Carroll said was a back issue that flared up against St. Louis last week. Carroll indicated that it’s the same back issue Trufant’s been dealing with since 2009.

NFC West: Injury situations that matter - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Seattle: The Seahawks have used eight starters on their offensive line, tied with Jacksonville for most in the NFL through Week 4. One of the eight, guard/center John Moffitt, will not be available against Carolina. Seattle listed him as out with a knee injury. James Carpenter's return from 2011 knee surgery last week gives the team welcome flexibility. Carpenter started at left guard and survived an injury scare. Paul McQuistan will start at right guard for a second consecutive week. Cornerback Marcus Trufant (back) and defensive end Jaye Howard (foot) missed practice Wednesday. The team gave running back Marshawn Lynch the day off. Trufant's role as the nickel corner gets him on the field for roughly 40 percent of the snaps, depending on the opponent. Carolina's opponents have played with at least one additional defensive back about 60 percent of the time when the score was within eight points and 80 percent of the time otherwise, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

Four NFC players of the week in eight days - NFC West Blog - ESPN
"That was a gem that our defense turned in, both players and coaches, every guy playing within the framework of the defense," Harbaugh said. "Really playing their ace that they had individually as players. Hustle all-out play. Hard, rough tackling. Specific guys to a man defensively did a great job. And also Vic Fangio, I thought he called a tremendous game.

NFL quarterly report: Matt Ryan, RG3, Texans off to hot start -
The 2012 NFL season is only four weeks old, but we have already seen Hail Mary passes completed, special teams trickery and several circus catches ... and that was just the Lions-Titans game! Every year, the NFL provides exciting moments and shocking results, but it sure feels like the first four weeks of this season have been especially entertaining.

Top 5 Linebackers in the 2013 NFL Draft | National Football Post
Russ Lande takes a look at the five best linebacker prospects for the 2013 NFL Draft.

Playbook: Bears' Cover 2 vs. Romo, Cowboys | National Football Post
All-22 film breakdown of Major Wright, D.J. Moore INTs.

Warren Moon’s mentorship helps Russell Wilson move past calls for his job | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
"I remember right after the Green Bay game, with all the hysteria that went on -- I walked up to him, and the first thing out of his mouth was, 'I've got to stay in the pocket longer.'" Moon recalled. "He already knew it, and that's what I love about him. He assesses the things he does wrong, and he wants to correct them."

Process vs. outcome, and why metrics can’t make it on fourth down | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
"You can say a lot of things about me as a coach, okay? I'm sure you do, and so do a lot of other people. But I'm just telling you something -- one thing I'm not, is scared. Are we gonna go for it on fourth down every time we have it at our own 20-yatrd line? No, I'm not saying that. But I'm not afraid to go for it if you guys give me the confidence. And that's the way I felt about this yesterday. I felt better about us going for it than I did about giving them the ball back. "But I'm telling you -- if we call this, you'd better [bleeping] get it."

Ten-Point Stance: In plain language, nice quarterbacks finish last - NFL - News, Rumors, Scores, Stats, Fantasy
Tom Brady was filmed dropping a nice little F-bomb. And a B-bomb. The result was the video becoming a viral A-bomb. Matt Ryan, who looks like a grammar school principal, dropped an F-bomb, too. Oh, naughty Matty Ice. We have the reading of Cam Newton's body language and we have the analysis of Jay Cutler blowing off an assistant coach during a game.

Blame Mark Sanchez? Point the finger at the Jets organization -
Disgruntled Jets fans are beginning to call for Mark Sanchez's benching, but the problem with the New York Jets isn't Mark Sanchez. The problem with the New York Jets is the New York Jets. Plain and simple, the organization didn't provide Sanchez the playmakers he needs to make the offense work -- and that's apparent now more than ever.

PFF "All-First Quarter of the Season" Team: Offense |
Can a quarter of the season really have passed? Well, it has (unless you’re the Steelers or Colts) and already some players are standing out.

PFF "All-First Quarter of the Season" Team: Defense |
You may have seen our selections for the offensive side of the ball; now we’re bringing you the top defensive players of the first quarter of the season, as judged by our analysts.

Analysis Notebook Week 4, 2012 |
We’re a quarter of the way through the NFL season already, and while some things remain in flux, others seem to be just the same as they were a season ago.

At 2-2, Packers, Pats headed for playoffs; Cowboys, Bills are not -
Here's a nugget that will smack you right between the eyes. Since 1990, 201 NFL teams have started the season with a 2-2 record. Of those, 71 went on to make the playoffs (about 35 percent).

Seattle Seahawks: Is 3rd-Down Defense an Area of Concern? | Bleacher Report
Defensively, the Seattle Seahawks are one of the league's best units. They have shown the ability to acquire incredible talent at every level. Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas are on the back end of the most physically gifted secondaries the NFL has ever seen. K.J. Wright and Bobby Wagner only have a combined 28 starts at linebacker, yet both are in the top 10 at their respected positions, according to Pro Football Focus.