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Coffee and Cigarettes: Seahawks Links for Friday

Thank goodness is TGIF.

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Dilip Vishwanat - Getty Images

LINKS! Just as a programming note -- I'm flying out to San Diego this morning for a late birthday getaway with the lady, so I'll be mostly off the grid and unplugged from the matrix until Monday. Your boy Jacson Bevens will be handling game recap duties this weekend, but things might be a little slow around here today and tomorrow (though I've scheduled a few things). Here's to hoping I come back to jolliness around here from a win in Carolina.

Cardinals vs. Rams: Nine sacks power St. Louis win - Turf Show Times
The St. Louis Rams used a dominant defensive performance to put themselves above .500 for the first time in six years.

Danny Amendola injury: Friday tests will determine fate of Rams receiver - Turf Show Times
The veteran Rams wideout injured his collarbone in Thursday' win. Just how bad is it?

Seahawks have 11 reasons to not fear Cam Newton - Seahawks News -
Back when we used to take calls on the postgame show, we had a caller tell us that Mike Holmgren's play-calling was predictable. That's right, some dude sitting on his couch in Tukwila was apparently inside of Holmgren's mind. I told him, "Mike Holmgren is one of the best play callers in NFL history. I'm not sure what you do for a living, but you need to quit that job first thing Monday morning and become a defensive coordinator in the NFL!" I was just having some fun with him. I get it. It's a fan's right to question calls that don't work. It makes us feel like we're doing some good, and don't we all dream of being the guy that calls the perfect play in the perfect situation? I know I do.

Mebane, No Gain. | Draft Breakdown
In this post, I wanted to take a break from analyzing players in their rookie season. I wasn’t really sure exactly where I wanted to go with this article, so I just spent much of my "film time" this week going through all the games, and seeing what stood out to me. On this week, and well, almost every week, it was the Seattle Seahawks defense. Now, we’ve all had it forced down our throats recently just how good this unit is. The praise is well deserved. I’m not going to be talking about the recently made popular "Legion of Boom" defensive backfield of Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, Brandon Browner, and Richard Sherman like you may be expecting. I’m not even going to feed you more on how big of a Bruce Irvin fan I am.

Seahawks vs Panthers: Drawing Up a Gameplan for Seattle | Bleacher Report
Coach Carroll's Seahawks are coming off a tough divisional loss to a feisty St. Louis Rams team. So, you know this week will be about setting things right. And the good news is that a Pete Carroll coached team knows how to right the ship after a loss. It's rare that he will allow his club to lose two games in a row.

How QBs stack up throwing to the sticks - NFC West Blog - ESPN
Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks: Wilson's QBR score when failing to throw past the sticks outranks those for his NFC West rivals because Wilson has rushed for five first downs on 10 carries in these situations. QBR takes into account rushing. I'm struck right away by the absence of yards-after-the-catch on throws short of the first-down markers for these third- and fourth-down attempts. Robert Turbin has six yards after the catch. Doug Baldwin has four. That's it for Seattle on five completions short of the sticks. No wonder Seattle has zero first downs on these throws. Perhaps Wilson needs to set up his receivers better. Perhaps play design must improve. We just know Seattle needs more production after the catch. Justin Forsett contributed in this area out of the backfield last season, but Seattle still lagged in YAC. The overall production -- before and after the pass -- remains weak even when Wilson does get the ball past the first-down marker. Blog | Wednesday in Hawkville: Wagner doing more than just filling a hole in the middle
"He’s really playing good football. He’s doing a terrific job of handling things. He’s shown up with big hits and he’s shown up covering well. He’s chasing the football. You can see the speed that he has." And Wagner is doing it in what was the one hole in the defense after the club decided not to re-sign three-time leading tackler David Hawthorne in free agency. Entering Sunday’s game against the Panthers in Carolina, Wagner is third on the team in tackles (22), and had three for losses among his team-leading seven solo stops against the Rams on Sunday. "We don’t have anything we can’t do right now," Carroll said. "He can play. He can play in nickel situations. He can do everything that we want him to right now. "That’s a major statement for us." Blog | Carroll: Third down defense, offense to receive "extra work" during week of practice
Head Coach Pete Carroll addressed the media this afternoon as part of his weekly Wednesday press conference ahead of this afternoon’s practice and preparations for their Week 5 road contest with the Carolina Panthers.

2012 NFL Power Rankings Consensus: Week 5 - Bolts From The Blue
There's a new consensus number one team in the NFL this week, and it's not the Falcons or Ravens, and Minnesota continues their ascent in this week's rankings.

Randy Moss making little impact on 49ers' offense -
Randy Moss inspired a lot of excitement this offseason from San Francisco 49ers fans and beat writers. There were accounts that he looked like the best receiver on the team.

Playbook: Texans put Locker down | National Football Post
How did the Texans knock Titans’ QB Jake Locker out of the game this past Sunday in Houston’s 38-14 win? By bringing edge pressure from the secondary. Today, let’s go to the "All-22" film, breakdown the Texans’ pressure scheme and get into some coaching points on throwing the "sight-adjust" vs. a blitz look.

Patrick Willis has a special understanding of what it takes to succeed | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
It's hard to become one of the best players in the NFL at any position, and much tougher to do it over an entire career. But if you ask San Francisco 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis about toughness, and what can really be hard in life, he can tell you a story that makes the NFL's go-round seem like a day at the beach.

Zone Blocking: The Anti-McFadden | The Rookie Scouting Portfolio
Most coaches will agree that zone blocking schemes can require a bit more mental aptitude than traditional man blocking assignments. This is largely due to the change from "block the big guy in front of you," mentality to an assignment that can call for man blocking, double teams, peeling, and next-threat identification. Decisions must be made before the snap in terms of where any double teams will take place and then after the snap to determine which half of the double team will peel off to seek the next defensive threats.

USC WR Marqise Lee | The Rookie Scouting Portfolio
Last year, there were two basic camps among talent analysts when it came to freshman receivers.Clemson wunderkind Sammy Watkins and USC stud Marqise Lee. Both camps appreciate the skills of of the other player, but each side seems vehement about "their guy." This will undoubtedly change as the years pass and we watch these players develop into upperclassmen.

Secret Superstars: Week 4 |
Week 4 in the NFL saw some impressive performances. We had Cameron Wake sacking Kevin Kolb on almost every drop-back, Drew Brees throwing for over 400 yards, and Brian Hartline’s career day for the Dolphins in Arizona.

Rams allow Jackson to void final year of deal | ProFootballTalk
Steven Jackson wasn’t able to hit the statistical plateaus that would have allowed him to void out the final two years of his contract, but the Rams are going to let him slide on the last one anyway.

Week 5 Rankings - Goal Line Stand -
The latest interview in Zach Law’s "Ask Your Fantasy Football Expert" series features Rotoworld’s Adam Levitan, highlighted by the following Yoda-quality quote: "I know it’s hard, but the general fantasy owner has to stop being so results oriented. If we’re informed, thoughtful and make the right decision, then we have won. Sometimes, that decision will turn out to yield a negative result. That happens all the time in fantasy football because a one-week, or even 17-week sample size is SO small. We can’t be discouraged by this or change our strategies."