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Seahawks video: Awards for 1st quarter of season

The most valuable Seahawks so far this year and those that need to step up.

Dilip Vishwanat - Getty Images

Everybody loves things like awards, rankings, and lists! Without things like awards, nobody would have anything to say about baseball. Without thinks like lists, VH1 would not exist. There actually are no lists in this video but this is a breakdown of the best and worst so far of 2012.

I know what you're thinking: "What took so long? It's already been four games!" Well, I apologize. Next year we will put out this video after every timeout during the 2013 season.

Seriously though folks, the people at SBNation have some great video editors and they spice up these videos quite a bit. Watch this spicy video right now. Remember the adult channel "Spice"? Is that still around? I can't believe that anyone would ever pay for the Spice channel when there were always better options. For some reason I really felt the need to get to 150 words on this post.

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