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Field Gulls fantasy football leaderboard for Week 5

Grant Halverson - Getty Images

Alright ladies and gents -- Week 5 is now in the books. Greetings from Lord Humongous (thanks again!!) has compiled the Week 5 leaderboard, the overall leaderboard, and a few other odds and ends that should give you a chance to see how you're doing against the field - a field of 144 Field Gulls Fantasy Football Fanatics.

You can see which league you're in by checking out the URL of your team page -- and you can see how your league is doing compared to the 11 other active leagues by checking out the list below.

I happen to be the commissioner of league 359321, whose average team scores came in ranked 3rd in Week 5 and are now 6th overall after five weeks.


Below - you'll see the Top-12 scores for Week 5. CaptainMaybeHelmet continues his complete and utter dominance by grabbing the top overall score for the week even after leading all 12 leagues and 144 teams after Week 4. He pushed his overall score lead to almost 35 points. Dare I say, impressive?


Here follows the overall leaderboard after five weeks. SuperHawks maintains his hold on 2nd place, and PRSVNC makes a big jump to 3rd overall (from 11th last week).


And finally, here's the overall Week 5 Leaderboard. See how you did against the field this week.