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Seahawks: Field Gulls Google Hangout TONIGHT at 8 PM

Wanna hang out?


Did you ever notice the internet? What's the deal with that?

Al Gore had a dream. That brothers and sisters would one day be able to join up and argue about shit without ever having a face-to-face and that dream turned into the Bang Bus and Facebook. Now you'd be able to pretend to care about what your acquaintances were up to long after you had wanted to stop pretending what they were up to.

In addition to all of this, we can now "Hangout" with each other on the internet, thanks to a startup website called "Google." Tonight Field Gulls will be having their first ever Google Hangout hosted by myself and Jacson Bevens and introducing Matt Erickson. If successful, or semi-successful, or if one person shows up and tells us to shutup, then we will continue to have the Hangouts and the plan would be to continue to have guests but from other parts of the internet that like Seahawks and football and junk.

We will be having some discussion topics such as the last game, the next game, and the state of the team. We may also talk about Jacson's girlfriend and "What kind of music do you like?"

This is all going down at 8 PM PST, hence the title where it says it's tonight at 8 PM.

Please join us here and we'll try to tell you how it works as soon as we find out, ourselves. We'll be taking questions and donations. Thanks and we will (or won't!) see you tonight! Bring your beer Googles.