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Field Gulls Fantasy Football Leaderboard after Week 10

Hannah Foslien

Ten weeks in the books! This season is going by at an absurd rate - it's like watching my non-existent toddlers grow up too quickly before my very eyes.

Yawnin' Yodelers continues with to hold on to the top spot, 23 points ahead of CaptainMaybeHelmet and about 42 points ahead of the third place player, Scwag.

This week, Idahawks led the way with a huge 174.8 score. I would like to point out that I'm finally starting to play well in this league, and finished with the sixth highest score this week. Booyah?

Note: The following tables say Week 9 but actually reflect Week 10's scores.

Here are the overall top-12 scores and the top-12 scores for this week. Also, on the left, you can see how well your league is performing compared to the rest of the leagues.


Here is the overall leaderboard after Week 10 and the week's rankings. Where are you sitting? I want some of the leagues' best and worst to step forward and identify themselves!


Big thanks again goes to Greetings from Lord Humongous for compiling all these rankings!! It's much appreciated and makes the Field Gulls leagues that much more interesting.