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Seahawks Field Gulls Hangout With Hawkblogger TONIGHT at 7:30!

Otto Greule Jr

If you love bad movies, you've probably seen Birdemic. If you like bad movies, you NEED to see Birdemic. If you don't think you like bad movies, still go watch Birdemic. It's "Bird-epic" as I would say in a fake movie review that I did not actually write.

One of the best parts of the movie is a song called "Hanging out with my family," by a guy named Damien Carter. I looked for the lyrics of the song online and could not find them anywhere, so I decided to listen to the song and transcribe it myself on my own blog. The world could no longer be robbed of this wonderfully crafted song. Lo and behold, who shows up to my blog to comment?

Damien f***ing Carter.

He was very gracious, just let me know that I got a few words and the message of the song wrong, but whatever. The guy that wrote and performed "Hangin' out with my family" was commenting on my blog! The Internet: It's a Wild and Whacky Place. Something tells me that the internet does not need a promotional tagline. People don't usually say "No thanks!" to the internet.

The Internet: Come on in and get yourself some candy.

Part of that sensation known as the internet is Google. Part of being able to connect with strangers, is guests on our Google Hangouts. One of the main reasons that I got motivated to start doing these hangouts was to get the opportunity to bring on other Seahawks writers from the blogosphere. Seattle is a place rich with culture and creativity, and that's part of why I think that we've got some of the best sports writers in the country. Tonight we will welcome Brian Nemhauser, aka Hawkblogger, to talk about the Seahawks.

It should be incredibly easy to do since me, Brian, and Jacson Bevens all like the Seahawks. Finally I'll be able to say that I am "talking shop with my friends, MOM!"

So please come to this website on the internet at 7:30 and listen to us blab about football. Consider it, "Hanging out with the family."

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