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Coffee & Cigarettes: Seahawks links for Thursday

Football stuff!

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Otto Greule Jr


The success of Chip Kelly's Oregon Ducks offense is more familiar than it seems - Grantland
My high school coach was a prototypical old football coach," Oregon coach Chip Kelly said during a packed coaching clinic lecture in 2009. His coach at Manchester Central High School in New Hampshire was Bob Leonard, and he was definitely old-school. "We ran an unbalanced, two–tight end, power-I formation," Kelly said. "We averaged five passes a game." When Kelly joined Leonard's staff after he finished college, he tried bringing with him a few of the principles he'd learned while at New Hampshire. "I told him that in college we split players [out wide] and threw the ball to them. He thought that was a bunch of college bull."

NFL -- GM works best as solo gig - ESPN
Jerry Jones and Andy Reid demonstrate the pitfalls of combining the general manager position with other roles, Andrew Brandt writes.

Analysis Notebook: Week 10 |
With Darrelle Revis down for the year injured, several young players have a chance to grab the mantle of the league’s best corner, at least for a season, by filling that vacuum. Not many have the ability to challenge for that crown, especially with a healthy Revis back on the football field, but one of the few that does is Seattle CB Richard Sherman.

Mark Sanchez: The Real Problem |
Just when you think the New York Jets can’t sink any lower, they do this. In an effort to "support" their franchise quarterback, they’ve taken to ripping into Tim Tebow. Obviously their woes are all down to Tebow, that notorious rebel rousing trouble maker. So more than a few, some with the audacity to even give their name, have laid into the former Bronco in this piece by Manish Mehta.

Film Room: Redskins' Zone Run Scheme
In this Film Room segment, Greg Cosell breaks down the zone-blocking concepts in Mike Shanahan's rushing offense ...

How do NFL players 'survive' the 2nd half of the season? | National Football Post
Five ways players maintain their bodies and strength.

Listen to podcast - Pod Player -
ESPN's Chris Mortensen tells "Brock and Salk" why he and others around the NFL are impressed by the Seahawks this year. He explains why he thinks the Seahawks have found something special in quarterback Russell Wilson and discusses the how people around the league feel about coach Pete Carroll.

Senior Bowl reveals nine attendees, including Florida State QB EJ Manuel -
Florida State's EJ Manuel among initial invitees to college football's premier all-star game.

New York Jets -- pitiful performance vs. Seattle Seahawks a crying shame - ESPN New York
The New York Jets are finished. They're so done. Antonio Cromartie's playoff guarantee went stale faster than a carton of milk in the desert. They were so bad, so utterly inept on offense Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks that it moved Rex Ryan to tears. In his postgame address to the team, Ryan got so emotional that he actually cried, according to several players. He was everything in the locker room -- mad, frustrated, urging. And harsh. According to players, he asked the pointed question, "When are you guys going to believe?" Blog | Tuinei back, replaces Bates
The Seahawks made a practice squad switch today, re-signing wide receiver Lavasier Tuinei and releasing wide receiver Phil Bates.

Sherman comes up big
"Boy, he had a great game," defensive coordinator Gus Bradley said in the locker room at CenturyLink Field, shaking his head and smiling as he glanced at Sherman. "He was there all day for us, but when we really needed him, he really showed up."

New Orleans Saints' running game vital to offensive success -
After extensively studying the All-22 Coaches Film, I've come up with three reasons why the Saints' recent commitment to the run makes their offense nearly indefensible:

Updated mock draft: 14th November " Seahawks Draft Blog
The draft is a slightly different animal since the new CBA was signed. The rookie wage cap has revolutionised the NFL, making the #1 pick a worthwhile possession rather than a hindrance. Sam Bradford – the final #1 overall pick before the new rules kick in – signed a contract worth $78m with $50m in guarantees. With an updated CBA in place, Cam Newton and Andrew Luck both agreed deals worth a fully guaranteed $22m. Teams don’t need to fear a JaMarcus Russell-style titanic mistake anymore.

Scout Talk: the top senior TE prospects | National Football Post
A look at the top tight ends in the April Draft

AFC South Practice Squad Breakdown | National Football Post
Russ Lande gives a snapshot of five AFC South Practice Squad Players.

Maybe the End for Maybin |
Will some team give Aaron Maybin another opportunity in hopes of getting the 2011 version of him on the cheap? Khaled Elsayed thinks so.

Signature Stat Snapshot: Pass Rushing Productivity |
The Top 20 features two rookies with Bruce Irvin in the eighth spot and Melvin Ingram in 13th. The only downside is both men are purely situational players with Ingram only rushing the passer 115 times. Can they handle the extra workload? Last year’s situational superstar, Aldon Smith, hasn’t been nearly as productive since moving to an every-down role, and is "only" 21st this year.

The NFL Coach Style Disaster - Grantland
Can the tyranny of the hoodie be broken?

The best candidates for open NFL general manager positions -
A quality general manager is not easy to come by in the NFL. But a handful of teams will have vacancies at the position this offseason. Here are some candidates to keep an eye on.