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Game-day experience: How do you watch the Seattle Seahawks? (Part II)

Each person's game-day experience is unique and weird. I want to hear what you do. I think.


Last week, we discussed our game-day setup -- big screens, man-caves, bars, breaking into someone's home while they're on vacation to use their living room, all that -- but this week, let's go in a different direction.

Many of us out there are superstitious, whether it's about sports, work, not stepping on a crack so as to avoid breaking your mother's back... Sometimes our routines and rituals become so second-nature that we don't even notice them. And for many professional athletes, their pregame rituals are just as important.

For instance, that one player mentioned in Ace Ventura, who didn't change his jock strap during a winning streak. Because he thought flies were lucky. For instance.

Me? I'm weird about superstitions. When I was in high school, my friend and I randomly started only listening to the car stereo on an even-number volume. This superstition, for some weird reason, started as a joke, but then spread to my friends, and we all would freak out if someone turned the volume in the car up to 21. Then it got transferred to watching TV. People would literally yell at each other if someone was lazy enough to watch TV on volume 17. That's just one example. I managed to break that habit for the most part, but my point is this: Superstitions are weird.

As for gamedays, I am not all that weird. I always wear something Seahawks related. That's about it.

However, I know there are those out there that are a little more... extreme. I shutter to ask, but what are your game-day superstitions? Do you have a Sunday morning routine that can't be broken? Do you have a lucky jersey? Do you take seven steps toward the door and then three back before exiting your home? Do you lock-and-unlock your door exactly six times before departing?

Let us know what your game day routine looks like, and we promise not to judge you. Much.


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