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Seahawks Friday Bye-Day Fun Facts: Playoff odds, why Marshawn Lynch bested Adrian Peterson, and punters!

The craziest fact of all: Seattle had punters before Jon Ryan!

Kevin Casey

I wrote down some random facts about the Seattle Seahawks. I'm not even going to intro them. I just need to get it out there for the world to see! Wonder Twin Powers- Activate!

- The Patriots are the number one team in the NFL at turnover differential at +16. There has only been one game all season where New England didn't win the turnover battle. You're on a Seahawks blog, why else would I bring it up, you know who it is. So far it's the only two-interception game for Tom Brady this season. It's 66% of his interceptions this season!

- From 2004 to 2011, the Seahawks ranked 4th in Adjusted Games Lost to their secondary. Basically, over an eight-year period they lost 5.73 games to important players in the secondary, a number that pales in comparison to the last-place Bob Sanders Colts at 22.05 Adjusted Games Lost. This fact might not help me advance in life at all. Not all fun facts provide any value to your life.

- I asked Brian Nemhauser (HawkBlogger) if the Seahawks would get to the Super Bowl, in a roundabout way. He said 'No.' I asked if he thought they were maybe the 3rd or 4th best team in the NFC and he said 'I think they're the best.' Well, Football Outsiders would agree that they are the best in the NFC, at least. Seattle's Weighted DVOA is tops in the conference and their 82.8% odds to make the playoffs is only 3% behind the 49ers odds. The chances to win the division are getting closer, with San Francisco at 56.1% and Seattle at 43.4%. Remember how we thought the the Seahawks and Cardinals were neck-and-neck? Remember how we lost to the Cardinals? The Cardinals could win this weekend and remain one game back of Seattle, but they have a 0.1% chance to win the NFC West.

The Hawks stand a 19.5% chance to get a Bye week, fifth best odds in the NFC. The Cardinals and Rams are tied at a 0% chance to get a Bye week, tied for last. I'm not great at math, but that has to be right, right?

- Every win is important when you're 6-4, but beating the Cowboys has so far proven to be paramount. If they had lost that game, Seattle would be 5-5 and the Cowboys would be 5-4 going into their game against the Browns on Sunday at home. Four of the Cowboys' last six games are at home. But since things stand the way that they stand, the Cowboys have a 33% chance to win their division and only a 5.4% chance to win the Wild Card.

(I think there is probably a better than 33.7% chance that Dallas wins the division, based on the ease of their home stretch and the difficulty of the Giants remaining games. That could pose a problem for Seattle, but if they lose the division you have to hope it's because they're just losing too many games. Well, that would absolutely be the case! Don't worry about the Giants and Cowboys, worry about our home-boys.)

- On Russell Wilson for Week 10, F.O. added: "On the Jets' half of the field, Wilson went 6-of-7 for 123 yards, plus a zero-yard DPI, for two touchdowns and four other first downs. He also had five runs for 37 yards, including first downs on third-and-2 and second-and-9."

He finished Week 10 tied 13th for DYAR with Jake Locker. Eli Manning finished 33rd with -201 DYAR. Way to go, Eli, there aren't even 33 teams you knucklehead!

- Marshawn Lynch finished 5th in DYAR: "Three of Lynch's 27 carries were stuffed for no gain or a loss, but 10 of them gained more than 4 yards, three gained more than 10, and he had five first downs, including a touchdown. He also caught the only pass thrown his way for a 27-yard gain on second-and-15."

Remember we spoke a little bit ago about the differences between Adrian Peterson and Lynch and how they got to 1,000 yards? AP had 171 yards rushing but finished 8th among RBs in DYAR: "So why was Peterson's day not as valuable as you'd expect? He was stuffed for no gain or a loss seven times, and only six of his 27 carries gained more than 4 yards. To put it another way: Peterson gained 101 yards on three consecutive carries in the fourth quarter. The rest of the day, he averaged 2.9 yards on 24 carries."

If you gave Peterson 'Beast Mode in a Bottle' and he drank that shit, he would probably quit football. There would be bigger issues in the world that he'd need to help solve.

- The Seahawks rank 4th in Advanced NFL Stats efficiency rankings, just behind San Francisco. As I was saying, are the Bears overrated? They're ranked 8th despite having the number one defense. Remember in the early part of the year when people were saying about Seattle, "They might have the best defense and worst offense"? That's the Bears except it's Week 11. How many people thought of the early-season Seahawks as a Super Bowl contender? Things can change a lot, they're changing this week for Chicago already, but as of now they don't look like a Super Bowl favorite to me.

Of course, the Panthers are ranked 5th in these damn efficiency rankings. The Carolina Panthers. The Panthers are likely going to be the first NFC team mathematically eliminated from the playoffs this weekend.

- I know I basically debunked efficiency rankings, but this is really interesting to me too: The Broncos and Texans are 1 and 2. The next AFC team? The Bengals... at #14. Spots 3-13 are occupied by the NFC. These playoffs, whoever makes it, this postseason is going to be ridiculous.

- The Jets were about a 70% favorite to win the game when Shonn Greene ran it to the Seattle 1-yard line in the second quarter, tied 7-7. That went right back to 50% when Richard Sherman intercepted Mark Sanchez.

The Jeremy Kerley muffed punt dropped the Jets odds of winning from 56% to 42%. The game was well in Seattle's favor after taking a 14-7 lead at home.

- The Seahawks haven't had a positive turnover differential since Week 2. They finally popped back to +1 after Sunday.

- Seattle has done weird things over the last couple of years that usually ruin any attempt for me to say "It's been 'x' long since the Seahawks have done 'y'!" Which sucks because I like that sort of thing, but I guess it's neat that Pete has kept it semi-respectable while Seattle hasn't actually been great or good for awhile. That's all a lead-in to the statement that the Hawks haven't won three in a row yet this year, but have a chance to do so in Miami. They did win three in a row last year, but it's the only 3-game win streak since 2007. They had a five-game win streak that year, but I've basically blocked out all memories from 2007.

I spring clean my brain often actually, I like to keep it neat and tidy in there. Ryan Plackemeier was our 2007 punter? I literally don't remember another Seahawks punter other than Jon Ryan and I don't want to remember another Seahawks punter besides Jon Ryan. Be gone Ryan placke-whate- i'm over this sentence.

- Speaking of old, I was thinking about Marcus Trufant last night. Correct me if I am wrong, but counting back to his freshman year of high school, this is his 18th year playing for a Washington State home team. Marcus Trufant is a f**king boss.

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