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Seahawks Video: Breaking down Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch and the Zone Read Option

Let's break down some plays.

The people over at SBN Studios have outdone themselves, really. I think that it's quite phenomenal how quickly this renegade operation (funded by countless amounts of ad dollars!) has turned from a little thing earlier this year into what we've got going on now.

I've done my little jokey jokes (and there are plenty more to come) on the videos, I've recapped games in a very general sense of the word 'recapped', but now we've got this. Holy shit, look what we've got!!! Blogging to the MAX, baby!

I know that I'm not the playbreakdownman, as I understood it is called, that Danny or Thomas may be, but thank goodness that this play is rather easy to see. It's something that you are going to continue to see from Darrell Bevell and the offense a lot as the season goes on. Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, and Zach Miller to an extent are why it is possible for this offense and part of the reason this offense is better now than it was... then.

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