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Weekly Chats Presented By XFINITY

It's a chat!

Al Messerschmidt

What’s better than reading about the Seahawks here at Field Gulls? Talking about them on a weekly basis with yours truly, Kenneth Arthur. Thanks to XFINITY for helping me bring the chat to Field Gulls each week.

So, I talked to Austin today about the Seahawks using Skype. I ain't never used Skype before, so that was cool. Well, I did use it once but I was pretty drunk and didn't remember how it worked. Pretty simple I guess. It used to be that if you fell in love with someone that was really far away, you'd have to write them a letter. People say that letters are a lost art, but they never used to say that video chats were an art we had not yet found. Other arts that have not yet been found:

- Synchronized flying car performance dancing

- Self-drying jacket sculptures

- It's possible that D.B. Cooper stole some art. We haven't found that yet either.

Well I'm not in love with Austin, but I am in love with the Seahawks. Now I can chat about them thanks to tek-knowledgey.

Thanks tekkies!