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Field Gulls Fantasy Football Leaderboard after Week 11

Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

Ladies and gentlemen, Week 11 is in the books.

CaptainMaybeHelmet and Yawnin' Yodelers exchanged the #1 and #2 overall spots this week, and a dominating performance by Russell the Muscle (180.8 points holy crap) pushed him up six spots from #9 to #3. PRSVNC and SuperHawks just keep hanging around, as do The Unger Games and Bone Crusher's. Scwag remains in the top ten after closing out Week 10 in 3rd place overall.

As for just this week, #1 Pencil and Hellsinki Hawks had really strong weeks, as did FoolsGold and RipCitizen.


I'd like to point out that I won my third straight matchup this week and am now slowly making my way into playoff contention after thinking for a while that I would finish last overall in the world. I'm now at 68th overall, down five spots from my #63 ranking last week. Taking over the 63rd spot overall is Greetings From Lord Humongous, which reminds me: Let's all give mad props once again (seriously) to Greetings for putting all these standings and numbers together every week.

Where are you overall? Trending up or down? Hit me up in the comments below