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Gameday Experience: What are you drinking today?

I'm going to write the post-game recap for the Seahawks loss to Miami. But first, let's talk about something more important. Specifically, what are you going to be drinking today to drown your sorrows?

Last week, in this series of posts, we talked about superstitions, and Greetings from Lord Humongous' post about drinking only local beers when he's at the game cracked me up.

"I have to drink local beer when I'm watching the Seahawks," he said. "Not because I want to but because I have to. Superstitions are dumb."

I was at the Vikings game a couple of weeks ago," he continued, "and I had to check out 5-6 beer stands before I found one that served a beer brewed west of the Mississippi."

Jimmy could relate, responding: "Almost every time I go to a sports game and try to get a beer, I end up walking around the entire stadium in horror., trying to find something I'm willing to drink. Bud. Bud. Bud. Bud Light. Blue Moon. Amstel Light. Bud. Blue Moon. Coors. Coors Light. Coors Light. Mike's Hard Lemonade. Mike's Hard Lemonade. Blue Moon."

This exchange was funny and I'm sure something we've all experienced. I personally loathe wheat bears so whenever the only 'micro' option is Shock Top or Blue Moon I just go with the Bud Light. Well, not today. Today was a road game, so I don't have to bend to stadiums' archaic and rigid lack of variety. Today, I shopped for myself, and here's what I got:

Sierra Nevada's Hoptimum.

Stone Pale Ale.

Ninkasi Total Domination IPA.

21st Amendment Hop Crisis Imperial IPA.

21st Amendment Back in Black IPA.

Yes, I like IPA and I like hops. I got the Stone Pale Ale as a session beer for during the game but it didn't help that much. Whatchu dranking this afternoon?

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