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Seahawks: Richard Sherman, Brandon Browner reportedly facing 4-game suspension for PED use

Today is the opposite of my favorite Ice Cube song.

Stephen Brashear

Let me check the bloggers handbook on what to do when your team loses to a bad team and then reportedly has their top two cornerbacks facing a 4-game suspension...

"Kill yourself." Oh crap!

As if the 24-21 loss to the Dolphins wasn't bad enough, a game that saw Ryan Tannehill throw for 253 yards on the secondary including a long pass to tie it at 21-21, Adam Schefter is reporting that Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner are facing a four-game suspension for using performance enhancing drugs. Schefter immediately followed up with a tweet noting that Sherman and Browner are appealing, claim to be innocent, and that a hearing could be held as soon as this week.

I guess we could always put a lot of hope into the word "reporting" or "allegedly" and that this news was simply an incredible coincidence of letters typed into Schefter's phone and then tweeted out, but we can assume that's probably not the case. It doesn't mean that Sherman and Browner couldn't appeal the suspension and win. It doesn't mean that the season is over. It's just a thing that is allegedly happening and it is not a very fun thing.

Use the comment section to support each other through this difficult time. I'll try not to follow the handbook's advice.

UPDATE: Mike Garafolo reports that he heard that the drug was Adderall, as basically everyone thought it would be. Sherman and Browner must have had a big test tomorrow that they were studying for and couldn't concentrate!

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