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Field Gulls Fantasy Football Leaderboard after Week 12


Ladies and germs (huh huh huh huh), Week 12 is now in the books.

Greetings from Lord Humongous has outdone himself this week with the scores tracking, and put together a nice scatter chart that shows the corelation between roster moves and points scored. Very interesting!

As for the top-12 for week 12 over our 12 leagues of 12th men and women, Senepol came in on top with a ridiculous 185.54 score this week. He was trailed by Salty Dogs, in a distant 2nd, and the OFF THE DAMN FLOWERS, The Unger Games, and #1 Pencil rounded out the top-5 for the week.

Russell the Muscle moves up three spots to overtake the #1 overall position after 12 weeks. Yawnin' Yodelers is 2nd overall in points, despite his 9-3 record and third place standing in my league at the moment. Matchups, matchups, matchups.

CaptainMaybeHelmet is still in the hunt, with another fellow league member of mine, The Unger Games coming in in fourth place. PRSVNC rounds out the top-5.

Greetings has rounded up a few interesting tidbits as well, including the Strongest Loser, Strongest Strength of Schedule, and the Weakest Winner, as seen below. Big ups to Greetings, as usual, for compiling all this data!


Without further ado, here are the overall scores for the season (left) and for just week 12 (right). How do you measure up? I'd like to brag now that I've won four in a row and sit on the cusp of a playoff berth in this final week of the regular season. I've moved up to 60th overall but am still in 8th place in my league, which boasts the 6th highest scoring average. Looks like I'm going to have to leapfrog two teams to make the playoffs, so I'm hoping for big production this week (or I'm screwed). Where do you sit in the standings?