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Thursday Night Football: Saints at Falcons open game thread


Chris Graythen

Watching the game? Talk about it here. Also, talk about busses getting egged, like everyone else seems to want to do.

For a little refresher, Tim says:

NO @ ATL: The Falcons would love to lock up the division next week, and in doing so would push the Saints even further back down the wild card standings. Go Falcons!

For a little refresher, Mookie says:

Atlanta Falcons (vs. New Orleans Saints, 5-6). The Falcons are inexplicably 10-1 and it feels like they're 6-5. If the Saints lose to Atlanta that drops them to 3-5 in conference record, while Seattle could at worst be 4-5. A Saints win + Seahawks loss = Seahawks out of the #6 seed. A Seahawks win + Saints loss = Sayonara, Bounty Hunters.