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Seahawks beat Vikings: Pete Carroll's reaction in presser, interview

Otto Greule Jr

The Seahawks beat the Vikings on Sunday despite giving up 243 yards rushing (197 in the first half!), and Pete Carroll had some interesting things to say about the game. Now, obviously, Carroll is steeped in coach speak, but there are always a few nuggets or explanations in his pressers that make it worth listening to, for me anyway.

In today's Pete Carroll show with Brock and Salk, Carroll addressed a lot of things: the improved 3rd down defense (much more effective use of pressure, better timing, mixing and disguising man/zone coverages, etc), the rush defense in the first half (guys missing assignments, pure and simple, along with the fact that AP is absurdly good at running the football), the adjustments made at halftime (went to almost pure 'base' defense in the 2nd - told guys to 'just figure it out!'); the use of Zach Miller in the offense (he's done great - excellent blocker - catches the seam passes when asked to - 'there's only so many passes to go around' (24+1 by Sidney Rice on Sunday), the use of the read-option (alludes to Wilson actually doing a 'read' on the defensive end, as opposed to just planning the handoff ahead of time, which is interesting), the bubble screens, etc.

Anyway - listen below, courtesy of 710ESPN Seattle, and you can also listen to Carroll's post-game presser too if you like, linked after.

More audio at

Week 9 - Carroll Postgame Press Conference
Pete Carroll talks with the media immediately following the Seahawks 30-20 victory over the Vikings at CenturyLink Field.