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Seahawks vs. Jets 12th Man Preview Podcast With Scott Enyeart, Jason Puckett & Sports Radio KJR

Nick Laham

Scott Enyeart, SportsRadioKJR's Jason Puckett and I got on the horn this afternoon to record a preview podcast for the Seahawks' upcoming matchup with the Jets, which is embedded below.

We chatted about the Seahawks win over the Vikings last week and started to look forward to the Jets; we talked about Russell Wilson's development - the things he's improved on and the things that still need work, and we talked about the defense and the talk this week that the Seahawks have regressed a bit on that side of the ball.

We talked about a lot. Listen in below. You can download over at SportsRadioKJR's website or stream here, and it should be up at iTunes soon. Listen to it after dinner or on your way to work in the morning!