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Game-day experience: How do you watch the Seattle Seahawks? (Part I)


Football fandom is a funny thing. Some people love the live game action. Some people prefer the comfort and warmth of their own homes. Some prefer a noisy, packed bar. When people find out that I write about the Seahawks for Field Gulls they inevitably ask me "oh, so you get to go to all the games?" Well... no, unfortunately. No press-pass, no press-box access, and because typically I'm covering games on Sunday, I'm not sitting in the stands drinking a $15 dollar Bud Light, high-fiving strangers and and whatnot, like I used to. I miss it sometimes, but I've actually come to enjoy the OCD, ADD, frantic Twitter updating, facebooking, stat-collecting, note-taking, open-thread publishing, and multi-screen monitoring that has become my Sunday routine.

Typically, on gamedays, I set up in front of my 42" LCD flatscreen, chilling on a big old couch with my laptop on my lap and my desktop set up as backup. I'm answering texts from fellow 12s in the morning, checking my fantasy football teams and the injury reports, and pacing in pent up anxiety for the Seahawks game to get going. Once the game starts, I almost always have a headache by the 2nd quarter. I have a beer sometime around the 3rd quarter when my nerves are so frayed that I start to shake. This team affords me no relaxation and inevitably, every game comes down to the final drive. Somehow all this stress is really, really fun. Addicting.

But enough about me. What is your game-watching experience like? Do you have a man-cave decked out with 50" plasmas? Do you have your favorite seat at the local sports bar? Are you tailgating in the parking lot and then listening on the radio?

For next week's post (Part 2), we will focus on rituals, superstitions, etc., but right now, I want to hear about your setup. Big screen? Sports bar? Tailgate?

How do YOU watch the Seahawks?

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