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Gull Poll: Who is the NFL's top QB?

Rich Schultz

Here at Field Gulls we've talked ad nauseam about the quarterback position. First it was the Matt Hasselbeck/Charlie Whitehurst debate. Then it was the Tarvaris Jackson/Charlie Whitehurst debate. Then it was the Matt Flynn/Russell Wilson debate. There were probably some Josh Portis people jumping up and shouting in there too, some Kevin Kolb enthusiasts, some Ryan Mallett friends, etc etc and so forth and so on. For the first time in what seems like forever, I think it's fair to say Seattle's quarterback situation looks exceedingly bright, barring a total meltdown from Russell Wilson.

Now that we have what looks to be a solid, franchise-type of quarterback, the next argument goes to whether or not he's played better than Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III. Which then leads to the inevitable 'which rookie quarterback is the best?' debate that we've had here some lately.

I don't want to talk about that.

What I do want to talk about is who you think is the best quarter quarterback in the NFL. This argument can take many routes -- did I mean 'this year?' Did I mean, 'future outlook', 'who you'd choose to build a franchise around'? Did I mean, best pure talent? Did I mean, best whole package? Best looking? Best mustache?

It's tough, and in many ways it's like comparing apples to oranges because every team has a certain scheme and I many quarterbacks are scheme-fits for what their franchises do. Not to say that, say, Aaron Rodgers couldn't produce in another system, but it's true that Green Bay has been more or less designed to run with his strong suits. Same goes for the Saints and Drew Brees. Same goes for the Patriots and Tom Brady, I guess. Same goes for the Broncos and Peyton Manning, probably.

Cam Newton's offense uniquely utilizes his skillset. So does Robert Griffin's. To an extent, Seattle's offense is well suited to does Russell Wilson's skillset and talents. So is Matt Ryan's. So is Eli Manning's, so is Big Ben's, Matt Schaub's, you get the point.

Field Gulls' sponsor Gillette is running a poll at their facebook page that asks "Which quarterback is leading the pack this season, and why?," so I ask you here: Who is the best quarterback in the NFL, and why?

In case you're wondering: For my money, if I'm putting together a team to win now and continue to win for a long time, I wouldn't hesitate to sign Aaron Rodgers. He's got elite arm talent, he's got underrated mobility, precise accuracy, he's smart, tough, and has an even-keeled demeanor but is a fiery competitor. Even though he does the 'pew pew' hand-shooters thing now, probably a little too often, he'd be my choice.