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Seahawks Beat Bills 50-17: Seattle is the new offensive juggernaut

Well this has been the funnest two weeks I've had since I went to the Bahamas with Donald.

In a span of eight days the Seattle Seahawks have scored 108 points. I think it's safe to say that Seattle-area businesses should have a "no pants" day on Monday without fear of punishment. Let the Hawks do the punishing.

I was almost speechless after beating the Cardinals 58-0. Winning 50-17 is almost disappointing, except it was like a half-road game so this might be even more impressive because Buffalo actually has some offensive weapons this season. This game got out of hand early and then some bad clock management gave the Bills a chance going into the second half. That chance turned out to have a food addiction because it got fat really quick.

Seattle shutout the Bills after the break and moved to 9-5 with an even better chance at making the playoffs, though nothing is set in stone yet. We still have to take care of business over these next two weeks and then who knows what will happen. The 49ers have a great defense though, so I would only set the over/under on the Hawks points at 35.

This offense is just too good! And tomorrow Football Outsiders is probably going to say that we're the best team in football.

Let me just say... wow. This team is going to be called the best team in football by a highly-respected football website. How did this happen? Did I mention that Brandon Browner is still suspended and that several key players were dinged up and that Marshawn Lynch hardly had to do any work for the last two weeks and that Russell Wilson's QBR was almost exactly 100?

Yes, I just mentioned right there. Go Hawks.

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