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Seahawks vs Bears 2012: Seattle Drives Down Field in OT to Stun Chicago, 23-17

The Seattle Seahawks pulled off a stunning road upset Sunday over the Chicago Bears, 23-17. Russell Wilson marched his team down the field in the final minutes to take the lead, then after the game was tied, they did it again in OT to shock the Bears, capped by a TD strike to Sidney Rice in the final seconds.

Seattle improves to 7-5 with the win and now sees itself right back in the thick of things in both the NFC West and the NFC Wild Card race. I recap the glorious win.

Ways to describe this game:

"Super Duper Fun"

"Super Duper Lame For A Long Time"

"Way to go dudes! Radical!"


"Seahawks Bear-ly Scrape By!"



"Seahawks officially Beat Bears Despite Officials"

"Wow, Seattle Complaining about refs, dude? Lamesauce."

"Shutup about that game man"

"No, you shut up."

"No you"

"No you"

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