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Gull Poll: Who is the best coach in the NFL?

Thearon W. Henderson

This week's Gull Poll is timely, considering the thinly veiled hatred and much-ballyhooed rivalry between Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh. The language of the poll that Field Gulls sponsor Gillette is running at their facebook page is, 'Which coach would you be the most comfortable with leading your team into the playoffs,' but for me, I wanted to take a broader scope, because I think it's an interesting question of philosophy. Who is the best coach in the NFL - or more specifically, which coach would you pick if you were putting together a team?

Generally speaking, I think that Bill Belichick is the name that gets thrown around as 'the best' but there are certainly a large amount of criteria to take into consideration. Schematics, time management, leadership, ingenuity, personnel management, decision making, playcalling, style, philosophy, the list goes on.

Mike Shanahan is a name that shouldn't be left out of the discussion, Gary Kubiak has a great reputation, John Fox is highly respected, Tom Coughlin puts together perennial contenders and has won two Super Bowls in the last decade. Rising stars of the NFL coaching hierarchy include Mike Tomlin and Mike McCarthy, and old-school guys like Jeff Fisher and Andy Reid are also well thought of. I'm sure I'm missing some names here too.

So, who would you take, and why?