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Seahawks Beat 49ers: Semi-Drunk Recap Video

We did it!

Holy crap, we did it!

The audio got unsynced from the video somewhere from my mouth to the computer to the email that sent it off to SBNation Studios to the editing they did to the part where they posted it on YouTube, but you know what? Shit still works. Sentiment remains true. It's not unwatchable at all! Well except for the part where my face is on a screen, but given the circumstances (Seahawks 42, 49ers 13. Seahawks claim title of best team in history of mother earth.) you should probably look at my face!

I can not tell you how happy and excited I was after the win last night. I can not tell you, because I partied so hardy that I went balls deep into a bucket of beer and Irish car bombs! On a serious note: I'm super serious, all of this is true. I am so happy for the Seahawks and for you guys.

Merry f***ing Christmas, you filthy animals.

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