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NFL Playoff Picture: Seahawks seeding and opponent possibilities

It's that playoffs payoff.

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I believe it was Mary Critmit that said, "Happy Holly Days, she's always so gleeful and gay."

I got nothing to add. Basically, I was bored today and started drawing up the possibilities for Seattle going into this weekend. It's not particularly funny or anything so check your "ha ha's" at the door. I then just had to end it because I'm going to go see Skyfall. I would have rather seen Django, but not all decisions are up to me. Sort of like the possible places that the Seahawks will play in Week 1 (or Week 2) of the playoffs. Hopefully they get a Django, but it's not like Skyfall is bad by any means. Honestly, it looks very likely that Seattle will get it's "Whatever the newest Twilight is" for the first round.

Here are the possibilities:

The Road Most Likely: #5 Seed

The Seahawks can not move down to the six seed, so there's nowhere left to go but up. That's not very likely, so we might as well prepare for the obvious first and that's a meeting in Washington or Dallas. That will be determined when the Redskins play the Cowboys in Washington this Sunday night.


Winners of six straight games, three at home and three on the road, the Redskins have won with a top run game, ball control, turnovers forced, and the rarely-discussed Robert Griffin III. During their win streak, Washington has turned the ball over just five times (never more than one in a game) and forced 12 turnovers. It's also not a coincidence, I don't think, that the Redskins are better with Pierre Garcon back. One of my personal favorites, the Redskins are 8-1 this season when Garcon is active.

Washington has the fewest turnovers in the league and is 4-3 at home, after starting 1-3 in D.C. Their schedule has not been too kind, with losses to the Bengals, Falcons, at Giants, at Steelers, at Rams, and the underrated Panthers. They have beaten the Saints, Buccaneers, Vikings, Eagles (twice), Cowboys, Giants, Ravens and Browns. Rookie Alfred Morris leads the NFL's #1 running offense with 1,413 yards and ten touchdowns.


Dallas started off 3-5 but they have scritched their way back into the playoff race, just a win away from a division title thanks to the Giants "giantsing" the NFC East. Tony Romo has quietly been pretty good this season, probably because it's a lot easier to notice him when he's throwing four or five interceptions. Over his last eight games: 17 TD, 3 INT.

Romo and Dez Bryant are dangerous, while Jason Witten has this very odd line: 103 catches, 983 yards. However, there is not a whole lot beyond that for the Cowboys right now. DeMarco Murray has been injured and less explosive when healthy. Miles Austin has ability moreso than production. Take Bryant out of the game and you might wind up with a 27-7 victory like Seattle had in Week 2, which is the Cowboys' worst loss of the season. Dallas is 31st in the NFL in rushing and opposing quarterbacks have 22 TD and 7 INT.

The Cowboys are an older team, have placed 12 players on IR this year, and not particularly great at anything. Go Cowboys.

The Division Without a Bye:

If the Seahawks win, the 49ers lose, and the Packers win, then Seattle jumps from 5 to 3 with 4 not being a possibility. That gives them at least one home game. There are a wide range of possibilities to who would be coming to Seattle in the first round:

If the Vikings win, we got ourselves a rematch. (Okay, I just said that the Packers and Vikings both won, haha. What a DUMMY! But I still believe we can play the Vikings if they lose. Just a bunch of other teams would have to lose. I may be wrong?) I wouldn't mind that, the Seahawks mostly-dominated Minnesota, outscoring them 30-13 after an early Adrian Peterson run. However, the Vikings still have to beat the Packers and Green Bay won't be resting anyone with a bye week up for grabs.

If the Vikings lose and the Bears win, we got ourselves a rematch but this time in Seattle. Okay, I'm fine with that too. The Bears are a troublesome team, but I found them to be overrated and a win in Week 17 would not change the fact that they are struggling right now. Several key players are hurt right now, and the Bears may have trouble pulling out a win in Detroit.

If the Vikings lose and the Bears lose and the Cowboys win, I do believe that puts Washington in Seattle. Wait, that can't be right, how could Washington be in Seattle? Nevermind. I'd much rather face the Redskins at home than on the road, but this is still the most dangerous team that I've talked about as far as possible playoff opponents. I am not interested in the RG3 v RW3 showdown all that much.

If the Vikings lose and the Bears lose and the Cowboys lose and the Giants win, then I believe we get to face the fading Giants in Seattle. However, that would also make the Giants lucky as shit at the wrong time, and when they sneak into the playoffs on a losing skid, you just know that means they are in Super Bowl mode. New York is 2-5 in the second half... you just know that they are going to find a way to make the playoffs. Ugh.

Baby, Bye Bye Bye

If the Seahawks win, the 49ers lose to the Cardinals, and the Packers lose to the Vikings, then throw your hands on the back of your head, lean back, and put your feet on something, cause we are straight chillin' in victory. Let us draw a bath filled with the blood of our defeated opponents and soak in it while "Today was a good day" plays in the background.

Seattle would get the #2 seed, a bye week, and a home meeting against the winner of round one with the higher seed. That might be the Green Bay Packers oh dear god it might be the Packers. The nation would just love that! I would not mind it either, let's find out where these two teams stack up each other again on a similar stage and see if they want to blame all the world's troubles on replacement refs and Golden Tate.

Anyways, I just wanted to throw up something really quick in case you were bored on Christmas and would much rather talk about the Hawks than talk to your uncle Harold. Hope you liked your presents.

Merry Christmas Santa Babies,