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NFL Playoff Picture: Seahawks still have slight chance at #2 seed, first-round bye

A quick look at the NFC/NFL Playoffs picture heading into today's slate of games.

Stephen Brashear

The Seahawks have clinched for the Playoffs, but the seeding is still up in the air. Though the equations for Seattle's seeding are fairly simple, there are still a large amount of potential scenarios so I am not going to delve into every single one of those right now. Let's just enjoy today, and hope for a Seahawks' win.

With a win, the Seahawks will hope that both Green Bay and San Francisco lose. The Packers are at the 9-6 Vikings, so that will not be an easy game for Aaron Rodgers and company - that's a motivated Minnesota team. The Niners are hosting the Cardinals, and despite the Cardinals' woes of late, you can never really count out the 'screw with their playoffs scenario' motivation or 'these guys are a bunch of jerks' motivation. At least it's a division game, because those are always tough, and sort of surprisingly, NFL QBs this season have a league-low 68.5 rating against Arizona, so here's to hoping Colin Kaepernick's inexperience shows again this week.

Here's the NFC playoff picture heading into today's games:

1. Atlanta Falcons: 13-2

2. Green Bay Packers: 11-4
3. San Francisco 49ers: 10-4-1
4. Washington Redskins 9-6

5. Seattle Seahawks: 10-5
6. Minnesota Vikings 9-6

7. Chicago Bears: 9-6

8. Dallas Cowboys 8-7

9. New York Giants: 8-7

(Applicable) equations and shit:

1. Seahawks win + 49ers loss + Packers loss = #2 seed, first-round bye; Seattle plays Jan 12th or 13th against highest seeded Wild Card round team left.

2. Seahawks win + 49ers loss + Packers win = #3 seed, NFC West Champs. Seahawks host a Wildcard Round game at the CLink, against Washington, Chicago, or the New York Giants.

3. Seahawks win + Packers win + 49ers win = #5 seed. Seahawks travel to either Washington or Dallas on Jan 5th/6th. (Or, Seahawks lose = #5 seed. Same as #3). If the Seahawks lose, or the Hawks, Niners, and Packers all win, then Seattle fans should be watching Sunday Night Football, because the winner of that game will be the Seahawks' first round opponent and host.

I think these scenarios are correct. Let me know if I'm off base. Either way -- Go Hawks, Go Vikes, Go Cards!