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Field Gulls Fantasy Football Final Leaderboard

The Playoffs are coming! The Playoffs are coming!


Well, the 2012 regular season, fantasy football wise, is now in the books. Here follows are the final leaderboard standings and the Week 13 individual leaderboards. Thanks again to Greetings from Lord Humungous for compiling these numbers every week - it really makes the leagues that much more fun to be able to size yourself up to all 144 competitors across the 12 different leagues.

I, for one, feel super average. 74th overall, 8th in my league. Boo.

Anyway, on to the winners:

After 13 weeks (the playoffs comprise 14, 15, and 16), Yawnin' Yodelers takes the cake, finishing with 1852.5 points.


I would like to share in some of the glory in that the Yodelers also won my league, and the fourth overall winner, The Unger Games, was 2nd in my league and in my heart as well.

Captain Maybe Helmet was in the race pretty much the whole season, and finished just 9 points short of the regular season title. Russell the Muscle was 3rd overall, a distant 1816.4 points, and The Unger Games, PRSVNC and SuperHawks finish out the top six.

As for Week 13 - congrats to Westcoastbias for the overall high score of 172.3!


Here are the final, overall standings. Where you be?