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Seahawks vs. Cardinals 12th Man Preview Podcast With Scott Enyeart, Jason Puckett & Sports Radio KJR


Scott Enyeart, SportsRadioKJR's Jason Puckett and I got on the horn this afternoon to record a preview podcast for the Seahawks' upcoming matchup with the Cardinals and to debrief a bit about Seattle's win over the Bears at the legendary Soldier Field. That conversation is embedded below.

We talked about Russell Wilson's improvement and the stark difference in his on-field appearance from Week 1, the last time Seattle played the Cardinals. We talked about the Cardinals' attacking defense, John Skelton, the Seahawks gameplan this week, and the possible outcomes of the game. We hit on the read-option for a bit, the lack of pressure the Seahawks have been able to get on opponents, and more.

In fact, we talked about a lot of things. Which you should listen to. Below. You can download it over at Sports Radio KJR's website or stream here, and it should be up at iTunes soon.