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An NFL Week 14, Seahawks, & NFL Draft podcast via ScoutTheSeahawks & FieldGulls


They're back! Our own Davis Hsu and's Derek Stephens got in the studio again last night to record about an hour and a half of Seahawks and NFL Draft talk. They hit on the Seahawks' season, the defense, the D-Line, blitzing more, Russell Wilson, adding weapons for Russell, adding players during the offseason, draft rounds for 'types' of players, and lots of good stuff.

If you follow either Davis or Derek on Twitter or read their analysis here or at ScoutTheSeahawks, you'll already know that this is a must-listen podcast. If you're new to the site, and unfamiliar with them, I'll just say that you'll learn a lot by listening.

Listen in by clicking right here (better quality .wav file).

Right click, or option-click this line on a Mac, to download (smaller .mp3 file).