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NFL Sunday early games open thread

Jeff Gross

Watching the NFL this morning? Talk about it here. Find out what's on in your area at -- if you're in Seattle, you're getting San Diego-Pittsburgh and Dallas-Cincinnati.

Oh, and for a quick refresher on who we want to be rooting for, here's what Tim had to say in his weekly Draft & Playoffs Watch report from Tuesday:


MIA @ SF: The 49ers have shown a penchant this year for taking a loss out on their next opponents. But they've also shown a tendency to play down to their opponents at times - and with a QB controversy now simmering in the locker room, there's still some upset potential here. Go Dolphins!

NO @ NYG: With the Saints now two games back of the Wild Card chase and a weak conference record, we gain more from the Giants imploding than the Saints dropping even further. Go Saints!

CHI @ MIN: The best thing that the NFC North contenders can do is beat each other bloody. With a Bears loss and a Seahawks win, we'd move up a spot to #5 thanks to the tiebreaker we now hold against the Bears. Go Vikings!

BAL @ WAS: A few weeks ago, the Buccaneers were the party crashers. Now it's the Redskins. Hopefully what happened in Baltimore on Sunday was a fluky divisional loss and not a sign of something more ominous. Go Ravens!

DAL @ CIN: Even though we hold the tiebreaker over the Cowboys, it would be a hell of a lot easier for us to write them off if they'd just lose. Go Bengals!

PHI @ TB: The Bucs seem to have gotten their friskiness out of their system, but they do host the freefalling Eagles. A loss would all but seal their fate. Go Eagles!

DET @ GB: The weaker the NFC North champ is, the better our chances of keeping the #2 seed away from them. Go Lions!